Its cold, winter is here, the nights have drawn in and our days feel a lot longer. Looking for motivation?  What’s fun, what will involve the whole office? Well here at Team Tactics we have lots of different events to suite you and your company. Here are our 7 top indoor team building activities to motivate staff.


Our 7 Top Indoor Team Building Activities To Motivate Staff


1) Inside Game of Zones – Have you got what it takes to be our Game of Zones champion? This is an awesome game and it involves communication and great teamwork. Brand new to 2019, this game is one of a kind. Each time will have various task and challenges to compete. Teams will be given a team kit bag and an iPad. The iPad is loaded with our brand new Inside Game of Zones app containing team tasks, fun challenges and intriguing missions. Participants must visit the four themed zones around the room to carry out several important bonus quests. 


2) The Bigger PictureThis fantastic game is the perfect conference icebreaker. It is designed for conference rooms and it provides an outstanding teamwork and communication forum for the entire group. It is the perfect game to draw out any hidden talents of some of your delegates this high-quality fun exercise requires small teams who must work independently to recreate a masterpiece. Bespoke designs are also available to your specification. All from limited information!


3) Around The World in 80 MinutesThis game will 100% put your teams through their paces. This game requires teamwork, problem solving and creativity. It is fun the game will challenge your memory and your general knowledge. The latest iPads are used during this event. This is the perfect game for a conference energiser and is available in lots of different locations.

7 Top Indoor Team Building Activities To Motivate Staff

4) Robot Wars – As seen on the TV! This fun and exciting game is guaranteed to get everyone excited. Teams must create, customise and name their own robot before competing in three different challenges. All members of the team take part, and everyone gets a chance to control the robot.  Guided by the technical know-how of a former UK Robot Wars Champion and competing in an authentic arena this is an event to engage, inspire and excite.


5) Lord of the Swords – Guided by our professional combat instructor you will learn everything there is to know about sword fighting before putting it all into action. You will be given everything you need in order to become an expert warrior. Working with your teammate learn how to go into battle with our lightweight swords.  


6) Circus SkillsThis showstopper is a fantastic and fun way to bring everyone together and learn new skills. Teams will learn to plunge into challenges with confidence and learn things that they won’t forget. Our circus workshop is a highly enjoyable way for everyone to develop important skill that will help them and apply to all aspects of life.

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7) Drone Tech’tasticHave you every thought about building your own drone and then racing it? Well with our Drone Tach’Tastic event you can do just that. This is now your chance to experience what makes drone racing so popular, with the chance to build and race drones against your colleagues. You will also have the chance to build your very own obstacle as part of your drone course.


Like the sound of these events? Get in contact today and don’t miss your chance to play some of the best indoor team building games around. 


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