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In this blog we will look at Virtual Reality and explore the use of VR in corporate team building events. Through this blog we will look at a variety of factors to discover what Virtual Reality is and gain a better understanding of the recent popularity of VR over other preexisting visual activities. We will explore a variety of ways that virtual reality can seamlessly intertwine with current activities.


What is Virtual reality?

The definition of virtual reality is a different experience taking place within simulated and immersive environments that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. Applications of virtual reality can include entertainment and educational purposes. Virtual Reality is a perfect way to introduce to team building activities for Corporate Events as you can introduce fun and immersive environments and challenges that teams work together to overcome in both real world and virtual reality.


3 benefits of VR in the corporate world

  1. Training

VR is being utilised to train a variety of employees in areas that need specialist care or precision such as medical surgeons, fire fighters, pilots or even combat scenarios. Virtual reality is a perfect way to avoid unnecessary accidents that could have been prevented with the correct training, this is immersive learning is an extremely powerful tool that will lessen the difference between rookies and veterans in many professions.

  1. Conferencing

Virtual reality has completely changed the way conferencing work as it brings the conference to life and offers so many opportunities to offer something new to the experience. Rather than seeing another person on a screen or hearing them on the phone you can physically be in the room with them and create an environment around you that reflects the meetings. VR revolutionises the way we look at communicating.

  1. Convenience

VR is perfect for convenience, whether you aren’t sure what something would look like in your office or whether you are working from home and need to check in for a meeting in the office. VR revolutionises corporate structures and ensures people can work more efficiently.

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Why choose virtual reality over real world visual activities?

Is there a reason to choose virtual reality activities over physical and visual real-world activities for team building? The honest answer is no, we shouldn’t exclusively choose one option over the other as they work best if combined and coexist together as they go hand in hand.

Utilising an activity where you combine both aspects of real world and virtual reality gives you a huge variety of opportunities for team building activities. We are now able to introduce a variety of new vocal and physical aspects to our team building events such as overcoming puzzles and challenges whilst teams are immersed in both virtual reality and real world scenarios that will enable their team to crack a code or solve puzzles to unlock an area/task or earn points.

The possibilities to utilise virtual reality combined with real world activities are endless and open up such a variety of new ways to introduce team building activities.

We at Team Tactics are always on the look out for the next big thing and Virtual Reality could well be the evolution of how Team Building activities work. Soon we will be excited to announce our new virtual reality team building event that combines both real world activities and virtual reality to ensure teams can experience new heights and build stronger bonds through team building.

virtual reality 3 If Virtual Reality activities do not fit with what you would like for team building we offer a variety of other activities whether you want to explore the city of London with our competitive GPS Hunt or explore the hidden sights of London as you take the helm as you travel down the London canals completing challenges and activities in our brand new summer activity London canal quest. We offer a huge variety of activities from inflatable assault courses, sword fighting & fire walking to painting your own giant office picture by combining a variety of canvases together to reveal the Bigger Picture.

With almost 30 years experience in corporate team building why not contact us today and we can arrange your next big team building activity.