Group Exercise

With the corporate mindset moving towards the feel great, work better mindset we are looking at how exercise can help boost energy levels and motivate employees to ensure employee happiness in the work place.

Group exercise is a great way to get colleagues interacting and have something in common with each other.

We at Team Tactics have our own Personal Trainer that runs a variety of sessions to ensure we are keeping fit and healthy. You may be the type of person where you don’t want to do the session but once you have started you end up loving it. I am that person and it has helped change my mindset and taught me that no matter how I am feeling about something beforehand I should give it a go as I may thoroughly enjoy it.


Benefits of exercising at work

So what are the benefits of exercising at work? below is a list of benefits and the lasting after effects of exercise.

  • improved sleep patterns and more regulated sleep.
  • Chance to release any stress out of the body.
  • maintain a healthy weight
  • manage stress
  • improve quality of life
  • reduce your chances of joint and back pain
  • reduce your risk of major illnesses such and heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancers.

Healthier, happier employees will in turn benefit your organisation.

Active employees can lead to

  • reduced absence due to sickness
  • increased productivity
  • lower employee turnover
  • higher morale
  • Better work colleague relationships due to team building through group exercise sessions.

According to a study from participating in just 30 minutes of exercise per day can help reduce levels of anxiety, stress, depression, ADHD and sexual wellbeing. Even if you cannot do 30 minutes per day you can gain almost all the same benefits of exercise if done in longer class sessions during a weekend. 

Exercise has a huge effect on the workplace and employees can only really benefit from introducing this into the workplace.

The key is to make it fun, mix it up with the exercises and always ensure your employees have that flexibility to ensure it isn’t another mandatory task as this will cause a detrimental effect and mindset towards the exercise classes.


How can you promote healthy living and exercise in the work place?

There are a variety of ways to get employees exercising and you can help promote this by doing one of the following…

  • Group sessions with a personal trainer.
  • Introduce flexible working hours – longer lunch breaks to exercise and eat without having to inhale your food.
  • Corporate gym memberships to offer discounted gym rates.
  • Cycle to work schemes – encouraging employees to cycle to work.
  • Lunchtime activities board so people that enjoy aspects like jogging or running can link up and do this either on their lunch break or outside of work.


If you aren’t sure on group exercise in the work place another option is to have team building events based on teams competing against each other in a variety of ways such as our “It’s a Knockout” or our inflatable assault course “Wild Wipeout”. Or if you fancy more of a survival experience we can enroll you in the Bear Grylls survival academy or if you want more adrenaline rush we have our Zorb Olympics. We have numerous events to suit your needs that combine fun day out with team building that your colleagues will be talking about for years to come.


Why not give us a call to arrange your next team building activity or contact us here.