Watts Sustainable

Watts Sustainable is an incredibly interactive, unique and competitive team building activity that will not only challenge delegates in a fun, state of the art event, but provide a meaningful, socially aware and relevant event.

How will your teams cope with balancing and communicating for “The Race across the World”?

How savvy are your teams with wattage and the goal of matching household items to wattage to get that green light for COMPLETE?!

Challenges such as “Shape The World” and “Scrabble for the Word” will require spatial awareness, visual-spatial reasoning, and problem-solving prowess, whilst “Clean the Ocean”, “Shape the Future” and “Old is Gold” are pure fun and it’s a race against the clock (and other teams) to see who gains the greatest number of points to ultimately be crowned the victorious winners!

Key facts

20-200 people
2-3 hours
Mobile event across the UK
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Watts Sustainable
CSR Team Building

Watts Sustainable

Watts Sustainable will really put your teams through their paces as they come together on a team building challenge requiring teamwork, problem solving, dexterity and creativity.

This is a CSR activity where everybody will find their niche and strength. Delegates in any team building want to be able to feel integral and involved in any team. With such a broad and diverse range of challenges, everybody will feel energised and engaged in Watts Sustainable.

This unique event is centered around each team using a high-tech app on an iPad together with state of the art, forward thinking, sustainably manufactured challenges. A range of questions and challenges are located around six key categories:

• Our World
• Biodiversity
• Recycle
• Energy
• Sustainability
• Hope

It’s all about maximizing the overall effectiveness and productivity of each team by strategically utilising the diverse skills and talents of its members.

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Package includes

  • Full Team Tactics event management support
  • Responsibly sourced event materials
  • Several fun team challenges
  • All required equipment provided
  • Public liability insurance of up to £5million