Building teams whilst changing lives

Established in 1995, Team Tactics are always on the front ‘paw’ when it comes to creating new, exciting but also charitable team building activities. As an office full of dog owners, this CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) team build event is close to all our hearts and is like no other.

This event is designed for teams from 12 to 300 people. Working together in groups of 4/5 to win equipment then build functioning dog wheelchairs offers a rare opportunity to build team morale, improve communication, leadership and teamworking, whilst also creating a way to give a dog back their freedom.

Key facts

12-300 people
Approx 3 hours
Mobile event across the UK
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Wheels for Walkies
Charity Team Building

Who does Wheels for Walkies help?

As many of us will see first hand or on social media, there are many animals where canine wheelchairs can create a more complete life for our pets. Some dogs may be paralysed, have
had an accident, or with old age such as arthritis and other related degenerative deceases.

Unbelievably wheelchairs for dogs were first introduced in the 1960’s. Today, dog wheelchairs have improved immeasurably and offer a welcome return of movement. Dogs can walk, jog, fetch and play as they did before. Team Tactics has selected the best dog wheelchair there is on the market as part of this CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) team building activity. Highly durable, lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium frames for our canine friends to continue enjoying their life to the max.

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Package includes

  • Pre event management including unlimited telephone and email support
  • Fun team challenges
  • Team Tactics event management
  • All required equipment provided
  • Public Liability insurance of up to £5 million
  • Delivery of dog wheelchairs to chosen charity