Circus Skills Workshop

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Circus Skills Workshop

You will try things you never imagined trying, achieve things you didn’t expect to achieve, and learn things that you will never forget! Taking part in circus activities is a highly enjoyable way for people to develop important skills that apply to all walks of life.

In an atmosphere of terrific fun, they can discover a host of benefits such as new ways of learning, improved communication abilitiesstronger mutual support and respect for each other and improved confidence and self-esteem.

Teams will learn to react to the unexpected and plunge into challenges with confidence! Our experience means anyone, regardless of age or gender, can enjoy and excel with our Circus Skills workshop. Available for 10 or more participants and can last a ½ day or full day. This event can be run at our superb Central London Covent Garden studios, or as a mobile event throughout the UK. Team Tactics can provide assistance with sourcing an appropriate venue.

“We have received lots of positive feedback from the team on not only the activities but also how good it was as a team building exercise. There are enough options for everyone with more advanced versus the less physical which is great for a team of diverse ages and fitness. All in all a really successful event. Thank you.” – Graham Butler

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10-500 people
1-3 hours
Mobile event available across the UK
circus skills workshop
Interactive Team Building

Circus Skills

Participants will learn a range of practical new skills that can be applied to both their personal and business life. Below is a list of example activities that can be included in our Circus Skills Workshop. Contact us for our full range of activities.

Juggling – The process of learning to juggle is a metaphor for many aspects of business life including techniques for learning a new skill and breaking tasks down into manageable goals.

Tight Wire Walking – To walk the tightrope requires great balance, rhythm and an ability to stay focused at all times. This also requires encouragement to assist colleagues to learn from each others mistakes.

Diabolo – An ancient Chinese circus skill, similar to a spinning top, which has been perfected by the famous Cirque de Soleil in their show, Quidam. It requires synchronised timing and precision, so to be successful, clear communication is crucial.

Stilt Walking – Learning how to use stilts is like re-discovering how to walk. There is a small degree of risk, but confidence can usually be built up very quickly and once basic walking is mastered, participants will move on to applying everyday movements.

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Package includes

  • Full instruction and guidance from Circus Professionals
  • Workshop venue hire (for Central London events)
  • Travel and transportation of instructors and equipment (for UK-wide mobile events)
  • Soft drinks throughout the event
  • Lunch (full day workshops only)
  • Full Public Liability Insurance

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