The Apprentice Charity Treasure Hunt

This hunt requires initiative and the ability to make your budget work hard to buy as many quality products as possible. The items will be delivered to the charity Porchlight after the event and given to the homeless and vulnerable in Kent.

Only when you reach the hotspot can your team activate the challenges at that location!

Challenges include hilarious Strike-a-Pose, Quiz questions, location based questions & extra trivia and riddles. Our GPS app will reveal the whereabouts and progress of other teams, providing plenty of competitiveness and excitement!

After your event any products or items your teams have collected will be donated to our partner charity Porchlight, who support homeless individuals in Kent. These donations will help to improve the quality of life of the recipients.

Key Facts

10-500 people
2-3 hours
City, Southbank and Covent Garden
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Apprentice Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunts

The Apprentice Charity Treasure Hunt

Have you got what it takes to take on our unique apprentice-themed treasure hunt? You and your team will need to draw on your business savvy, negotiation skills, planning and time management to successfully complete this charity treasure hunt. Teams will collect items from a designated list, to be donated to a homeless charity, these items are essentials for the recipients, the list compiled of items to improve their quality of life. Alongside the collection challenge teams will also complete a series of challenges and tasks in order to win points for your team. A perfect combination of team building and corporate social responsibility, our Apprentice Charity Treasure Hunt is an excellent feel good activity for a day out of the office. 

Armed with an iPad mini loaded with our specially designed game and our charity shopping list, each team will be let loose in London to experience our most challenging, rewarding and interactive hunts yet. 

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Package includes

  • I-Pad per team with interactive map, live scoreboard & live messaging system
  • Experienced and enthusiastic event management team
  • Team Tactics Event Planning
  • 2-3 hour activity
  • Medals for the winning team
  • Post event link of photos taken throughout the event