Team away days are a fantastic way to energise and motivate your staff. Planning a unique and exciting team building activity can inspire your team and help them bond while taking a break from their daily routine. However, coming up with fun team away day ideas can be a challenge! That’s why we’ve put together a list of some exciting and creative events to inspire you and your team.

So, whether you’re planning an event for a small team or a large organisation, our selection of unique and exciting team away day ideas will provide you with plenty of inspiration to create a memorable and impactful experience for your staff.

What is a team away day?

Sometimes you just need a break from the office to do something fun with your coworkers. That’s what a team away day is all about! 

A team away day is a planned event organised by company management where you and your colleagues get to participate in some corporate team building activities and other indoor and outdoor events. They provide a great opportunity to spend some time together outside of work, bond as a team, and try something new. Ultimately, the primary goal is to create a positive and engaging experience that brings your team closer together and helps everyone collaborate more effectively.

What are the benefits of an away day?

CSR Team Building

There are a number of useful benefits to organising a team away day. These include:

  • Improving employee engagement
  • Increasing staff productivity
  • Boosting employee morale.
  • Enhancing teamwork.
  • Strengthening company culture.
  • Giving your team the opportunity to recharge and refresh.

Organising team building activities is a smart investment for any organisation. A well-planned team away day can give your team a chance to recharge, have fun, and return to work feeling ready to take on their projects.

How to plan an office away day:

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when planning a successful team away day:

  • Goal setting
  • Budgets
  • Group size
  • Desired activity
  • Location
  • Logistics
  • Communication with your team

Set goals

Before you start planning, identify what you want to achieve from the away day and if there is anything specific that you’d like to get out of it. Do you want to improve team communication, build relationships, or simply have some fun?

Set a budget

Decide on a budget that works for your organisation. Consider costs such as transportation, venue, and activity fees.

Determine group size

Consider the size of your team and the number of people who can realistically participate. Some activities may not be suitable for larger groups, so keep that in mind when choosing an event. If you need advice on what activities would be best suited for your group, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team.

Choose an activity

There are a variety of activities to choose from, such as team building exercises, outdoor adventures, treasure hunts, classes or workshops. Consider the goals you set, the interests of your team, and the budget when choosing an activity.

Pick a location

Consider the location of your event. Do you want to go somewhere familiar or travel to a new location? London is a fantastic place to experience a wide variety of activities.

Plan logistics

Once you have chosen an activity and location, plan the logistics of the day. This may include transportation, meals, and any necessary equipment or supplies.

Communicate with your team

Inform your team of the details of the away day, including the location, activity, and schedule. Using internal communications, encourage participation and make sure everyone is aware of any necessary preparations.

By following these steps, you can plan an effective office away day that achieves your goals, stays within budget, and provides a fun and engaging experience for your team.

16 fun and unique team away day ideas

So, you’re on the hunt for some fun and unique team away day ideas to take your team building to the next level? Look no further than our portfolio at Team Tactics! Our team building activities and corporate away days are designed to inspire, engage, and motivate your staff, and we offer a wide range of options to suit every taste and budget. From our 25+ years of experience in this industry, here are some of our number #1 recommendations for your next team away day. 

Outdoor team building away day activities

Outdoor team building activities are a great way to revitalise your team and give them newfound energy! Captivate your staff, take them out of their comfort zone and help them grow together as a group in a fun, engaging environment. 

London Treasure Hunts

london treasure hunts

London GPS Treasure Hunts provide a high-tech, outdoor challenge for your team. Interactive scavenger hunts give you the opportunity to explore the dynamic City of London, as you work together as a team to navigate the key points to undertake challenges, scoring points as you go! This activity is great for building communication and teamwork skills.

London Game of Zones

Game of Zones

One of the most popular Summer events we offer at Team Tactics, London’s Game of Zones combines GPS technology with London’s culturally-rich environment. Navigate through four zones in London: The Futuristic Zone, Ocean Zone, Medieval Zone and Industrial Zone, testing yourselves to the limits as you race against time to complete challenges. This event is perfect for fostering collaboration, teamwork and communication skills, providing an unforgettable experience in England’s capital city.

London Canal Quest

Canal Clue Quest

Placing a unique spin on our London Treasure Hunts, London Canal Quest can give your team a one of a kind experience as you explore the London canals! Navigate your boat through magnificent scenery and see various landmarks as you decipher clues on your virtual treasure map. Complete challenges and earn as many points as possible! This challenge is fantastic for helping teams bond, strategise and work together.

Circus Skills Workshop

Circus Skills

Try things you never imagined you would and achieve feats you never expected to be possible with our Circus Skills Workshop! Try juggling, tight rope walking, stilt walking and spinning tops – all taught by experienced circus professionals. Grow your team’s confidence and self-esteem as you watch staff members perform the impossible. Take the plunge and challenge your colleagues to learn new skills!

Multi Activity Days

office summer party ideas multy activity

Our Multi-Activity Days are perfect for teams with a broad range of interests, who want to try out a wide range of fun outdoor activities! 

Drive 4×4 cars, quad bikes, hovercrafts, or try out archery and clay pigeon shooting – all in the same fun-packed day. Blow off some steam and re-energise your team with one of these great bookings.

Indoor team building away day activities

Indoor team building activities are designed to improve communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills among team members in a controlled indoor environment. Learn new skills, abilities and give back to the community with our range of indoor team away day ideas!

Build a Bike For Charity

Build a Bike for Charity

Our Build a Bike For Charity events give you the opportunity to make a genuine difference to the lives of others. Enjoy collaborating as a team whilst increasing your social responsibility as you work together to build a working bike! After assembly, the final product will be donated to an organisation of your choice. A rewarding, laughter-filled experience perfect for any team looking for a meaningful team away day.

The Hand Project

The Hand Project Team Hands

The Hand Project is also another fantastic chance to give back. In this event, your team will work together to build prosthetic hands for people in developing countries. Learn about the people you will be helping, how the prosthetic will benefit them, and work together to make the final product. This is a fun and meaningful team away day that will leave your team feeling fulfilled and gratified.

Corporate Cooking Classes

Corporate Cooking event

We have a variety of cooking classes available for all abilities, perfect for your next team away day. Learn from the professionals and cook up your own feast from scratch in purpose-built kitchens in London. We also offer cookery workshops where you can donate the food you make to local homeless charities.

The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture London Team Building Activities

The Bigger Picture is an excellent team away day activity because it offers a unique opportunity for team members to collaborate and communicate effectively. It encourages team members to work together in small groups to recreate a design using limited information. This requires participants to draw on their artistic talents, as well as their ability to work well in a team. 

Effective communication is key to this activity, as each team’s individual creation needs to fit together to form ‘The Bigger Picture’. Once the artwork is complete, it can be taken back to the office as a visual reminder of the team building activity, promoting a positive and collaborative work culture.

The Haka

The Haka Team Building Activity

Learning “The Haka” is a powerful and unifying experience to take part in with your team! Taught by authentic Maori tribespeople, these Haka sessions are hugely energising and memorable. Our lead instructor wrote the famous “Ka Mate Haka” used by the New Zealand All Blacks, and has been given permission by his Elders at home to teach with Team Tactics! Immerse your team with history and tradition with this ultimate team away day.

Corporate hospitality days

Corporate hospitality can be a fantastic option for team away days! Corporate hospitality days often involve exciting and engaging activities, such as sports events, entertainment experiences or tours of interesting locations. This can help to bring team members together, build stronger relationships and create shared memories that can strengthen team cohesion. Check out some of our top picks for corporate hospitality events.

Cultural events

Cultural events are perfect for unique and exciting team away days that can be enjoyed by team members of all ages and backgrounds. Taking place in stunning, picturesque locations and scenic outdoor spaces, these events can provide a welcomed change of scenery. This is perfect for improving productivity and creativity throughout your team! Here are some of our favourite cultural events:

  • Henley Festival of Music and Art: World class musicians, exceptional performers and fine cuisine in one of England’s most beautiful locations.
  • Henley Royal Regatta: A stand out event in the British social calendar, this history English rowing race is ideal for a luxurious company away day.
  • Hampton Court Palace Festival: Food, drink, palatial surroundings and music from the world’s greatest. A great option for any team away day.

Sporting events

Team away days at major sporting events offer a fun and engaging experience to all staff. Taking place in exciting and dynamic environments, such as stadiums or outdoor arenas, sporting events are ideal for a change of scenery away from the office. Here are some great team away day ideas for sporting events:

  • Football Hospitality: Hospitality packages at some of the country’s biggest and most famed football stadiums is a memorable experience to say the least. Great food and entertainment – a fantastic team away day!
  • Horse Racing Hospitality: An exhilarating experience for all involved, the races are a go-to option for many corporate away days! Whether it’s the Cheltenham races or the Grand National, there’s always an exciting horse racing event.
  • Motor Racing Hospitality: Motor sport is always thrilling and exciting. If you are looking for something different to foster relationship building amongst your team, look no further than motor racing events like the British Grand Prix.

Need help planning your next team away day?

If you’re looking for a memorable and engaging team building experience, look no further than Team Tactics! Our portfolio of away day activities caters to all types of teams and budgets, ensuring that your next corporate event is a resounding success. Whether you’re looking to improve communication, boost morale, or just have fun with your colleagues, our experienced team can help you plan and execute a tailor-made experience that meets your needs.

To find out more about our services or to discuss your team’s requirements, get in touch with us today. We would be delighted to hear from you and help you create a truly unforgettable team away day. Contact us now to start planning your next team building event!