Team building can be defined as the collective term for various types of activities and experiences used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams. This is commonly achieved by carrying out collaborative tasks. Staff Days Out and Team Building Activities offer an opportunity to collectively enjoy an experience away from the day to day routine with colleagues.There are a number of proven benefits of team building:

  1. 1. Communication

Team building activities and events offer individuals with the chance to build stronger relationships with colleagues. This leads to an increase in communication between teams and therefore improved relations. Clear and effective communication is important for projects and relationships and can essentially affect production. Team building activities allows employees to get to know each other in a casual setting outside the office environment which is proven to allow increased trust between staff.     

  1. 2. Decision Making and Problem Solving

the benefits of team building problem solving

A sense of collaboration is fostered during team building activities. Working together towards a common goal can be extremely encouraging. Replications of common problems in a team building activity let employees identify barriers and overcome obstructions. Taking employees out of their usual environments gives them permission to think outside the box and become more creative. Creative skills developed throughout a team building activity can then be transferred back into the workplace for improved success and more efficient problem solving.

  1. 3. Keep Employers Motivated

By organising a team building activity you are sending out a message to your staff that you care about their success and happiness. Dedicating a day or half a day to developing and growing new skills with employees indicates commitment to employees, this is much more likely to lead to an investment back by the employees into the business. Individuals are more likely to take pride in their job and seek to achieve company goals with more enthusiasm. As they develop stronger relationships with colleagues they are more likely to trust each other and therefore enjoy their time at work and in the office more.

team building motivation      

  1. 4. Encourages Healthy Risk Taking

When an employee works alone on a project they are less likely to take risks when creating unique ideas and concepts which have never been done before. While you wont get the full credit for a successful team project, working with other people spreads out the responsibility for a failed project and therefore puts less pressure on one person. Teams within the workplace allows team members to take more risks because they are supported by a group which they can fall back on in case of failure. Team building activities allow employees to bond in teams and share success in a team bonding experience. This can be replicated in the workplace as they have had the opportunity to work as a team in a more relaxed environment resulting in increased revolutionary ideas with less hesitation.         

  1. 5. Results In A More Positive Workplace

benefits of team building positive workplace

Positivity in the workplace is closely linked to the motivation of staff. A positive workplace leads to a proven track record of happier employees and high output of production and therefore increased efficiency. In order to sustain a positive workplace employees have to feel appreciated and valued by their employer. Providing fun team away days is the perfect way to show this appreciation. It can be simple and easy but extremely effective.   

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