Get paid £30 an hour to whisper in stressed-out employees’ ears

Do you love ASMR, secretly hoping for that YouTube video to take off? Why not make some pocket money and practice your skills performing a relaxing ASMR experience for stressed-out employees?

We want to help groups of employees unwind as part of our new ASMR team building service, which will include whispering and making trigger sounds like tapping, and need some ASMR artists to help deliver our new offering.

ASMR is a fairly new phenomenon, where certain sounds trigger a relaxed response in participants, commonly known as ‘tingles’. We thought why not offer this to teams of stressed-out employees to help them relax in a busy work atmosphere?

Those who are interested in applying to become an ASMR Artist need to be able to get creative with their ASMR tactics, will need to be willing and available to travel for assignments and must be comfortable being in close proximity to people they don’t know. Location isn’t a problem, we’re recruiting ASMR Artists across the UK.

ASMR Artists with a background in the massage and spa industry is desirable but certainly not essential – anybody with a passion for ASMR is welcome to apply.

Here is a list of the ASMR activities we’d like our ASMR artists to do as part of the corporate group ASMR sessions:


  • Whispering
  • tapping/tapping on keyboards
  • Turning paper
  • Role play eye examinations
  • Shaking staple boxes
  • Crinkling material


If this sounds like one for you, fill in the below form:

Tina Benson, managing director at said,

“The ASMR community is a tight knit one, with millions of people across the world engaging and celebrating this new phenomenon. We thought why not bring it into the workplace? Its proven benefits of helping participants relax can only boost team morale and improve the atmosphere in a workplace.

“Many might feel uncomfortable at the thought of experiencing ASMR in a group setting at work, which is where our ASMR Artists come in. We need a team of professionals who can help put a room at ease and deliver a combination of relaxing triggers that will soothe even the most stressed out employee. You never know, our Corporate ASMR service might even introduce a new way of relaxing to some unsuspecting employees who just wanted to give it a go!”