To help people celebrate Halloween this year, we’ve launched a new scaring service, and to say we’ve been inundated with requests is an understatement!

So what is this new scaring service? Well, we’ve made it possible for people to hire possibly the scariest thing from culture (a clown of course) to go to their friends/colleagues/family members place of work to scare them when they least expect it. The best bit? It will all be caught on camera!

To cater to the huge demand for this service, we need to hire 10 more clowns, and are willing to pay £100 an hour for their supreme scaring services.

If this sounds like your dream job than great! But there is one small but… successful applicants must have some physical likeness to Pennywise, Wrinkles and the Joker. For example, a large forehead and high pitched voice to act as Pennywise, and be slim with a manic laugh to be recruited as the Joker. An acting background or training is not essential, however it is a bonus!

Those who’d like to apply must provide a photo along with which clown they are willing to play and a short paragraph on why they’d make a good scary clown below:

Successful applicants will creep into the places of work of unsuspecting victims, making it their mission to scare them, while in character as the clown they’re playing. A full debrief will be given to each clown (provided by the customer aka the friend who hired us to scare their friend), so don’t worry about the logistics. Full costumes will also be mailed to each hired clown.

Tina Benson, managing director at said,

“Halloween, although traditionally an American holiday, has soared in popularity in the UK over the years, and for good reason! It’s a fun celebration of all things spooky, and let’s be honest, lots of people love the adrenaline rush of being scared or the thrill of scaring a friend. So, we thought we’d introduce something that ticks both these boxes.

“We’re amazed at the massive demand we’ve had for the clown scaring service, we knew it would be popular, but there’s a lot of colleagues out there who can’t wait to see their work friend get spooked, and the best part? We’ll catch it all on camera! Now, all we need is some seriously scary clowns to help cater to all the requests we have, I encourage any person who can pull off a creepy clown to apply, it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

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