The long hot summer months conjure fond memories of family holidays, walks, picnics, being with friends. Focus on work can easily start to wane once the veil of winter has receded and all companies need to ensure that their staff stay on task. Luckily, there is a very easy way to do this: a team building activity, or even a nice summer corporate event. Our events are a fantastic way for you to remind your staff that you’re the best company to work for. Whether you would like to try one of our new exclusive events (born out of extensive market research), or one of our proven favourites from last year, we have a plethora of events for you to choose between.

Brand new summer events for 2018:


Giant Football Darts, Archery Tag, School Sports Day; you may have tried them all before, but perhaps not combined into one fun-packed day. While these activities work as stand-alone activities, we top this all off with unique one – zorb football. Clients play football while wearing a body zorb, which of course has predictably hilarious results.Our Zorb-Olympics is a perfect team building event.

Corporate Summer Party

Olympics From Above

The Accelor-Mittal Orbit is our country’s largest sculpture and there is no denying that the view from the top is breathtaking. Now, not only can you abseil down it, if you are feeling only moderately adventurous there is a slide. We combine an activity up this unique viewing platform along with something a bit more grounded – namely a BBQ – for a truly memorable day.

Corporate Summer Party

Summer Paella Party

If you want to do corporate cooking but don’t wish to be cooped up inside, and you’ve had more BBQs than hot dinners, then our Summer Paella Party is the ideal solution. New for 2018, this tasty (and educational) event is highly mobile and can be combined with most of our outdoor activities. Just because it is a cooking event, does not mean that it’s not competitive. However, the reward is just as sweet for all – dinner.

Corporate Summer Party

The Olympic Challenge

Some of our most consistently popular activities are our GPS Hunts. We already cover the most of the popular parts of London, and we wanted to offer something new. Teams will have to navigate the Olympic Park against the clock, all the while answering questions about the Olympic Games and more by using their wit, their surroundings, and the contents of a specially collected set of items in their bags.

Corporate Summer Party

Most Popular summer events from 2017:

London’s Game of Zones

London’s Game of Zones is a perfect blend of general knowledge and theme-based questions all set against the remarkable backdrop of some of London’s best loved sites. The zones that teams make their way around are: Future, Industrial, Ocean and Medieval. Your staff must race against the clock as they use their surroundings and the specifically selected contents of our bags to complete challenges …including photo and video challenges!

Corporate Summer Party

Summer on the Thames

If walking around in the heat sounds like a bit too much for you and your colleagues, but you’d still like a bit of a thrill, then our ‘Summer on the Thames’ event is perfect for you. First we blast you down the Thames on a high speed rib (this will cool you down a bit), then we take you to chill out at The Narrow where you and your colleagues can enjoy a BBQ party. Boats and meat – yes.

Corporate Summer Party

These are just a few of our events, if you haven’t seen what is right for you – why now contact us?

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