Give a Helping Hand with Team Tactics new Charity Team Building Event.

Team Tactics have been providing exceptional corporate events in the UK since 1995, specialising in team building activities. In January 2023, Team Tactics launched a unique new charity event. ‘The Hand Project’ is an incredible combination of team building with a life changing charitable element. Team Tactics are the exclusive provider of this event in the UK and the first events agency to offer an event like this to their clients.

For this event teams will work together to build a prosthetic hand using only one hand per team member, encouraging communication and collaboration within the group. Once built the hand will be delivered to ‘The Hand Project’ to be shipped to a developing country for an individual in need.

The Hand Project


The Hand Project

Team Tactics are working exclusively with ‘The Hand Project’ founded by Chris Gulley, who is incredibly passionate about the work he conducts in countries such as Ghana, Uganda and Nepal. They host similar events across Europe but was looking to introduce this event in the UK, to help meet the increased demand for hands in developing countries. When asked about his partnership with Team Tactics he said “We are very pleased to be partnering exclusively with the great team at Team Tactics with The Hand Project. Sadly, the need for these simple hand prostheses is huge, so increasing capacity is important to us so that we can reach as many people in need as possible. Team Tactics is the perfect fit for us in the UK as they share the same values as we do and they also want to make a positive difference in the world.” Chris will be delivering the first two donations of hands  from Team Tactics run events, to Ghana in February 2023.

Why Charity Events?

In a world where we are more aware of social inequality, there is an increased expectation for businesses to act responsibly and ‘give back’, corporate social responsibility is important to many businesses as both consumers and employees are more selective in the corporations they associate with. In a survey of adults in the UK by YouGov, 41% of them thought that businesses should do more for charity.

In 2022, Team Tactics charity team building events increased by 150% compared to events held in 2019. After seeing a huge increase in interest for these events and the limited existing options available in the UK, Team Tactics has set out to create new, exciting and unique charity team building events to offer to their clients. Founder and managing director of Team Tactics Tina Benson discovered The Hand Project whilst researching new charity focused team building activities.

The First Event

The Hand Project was launched on the 16th of January through the Team Tactics website and social media pages including LinkedIn and Instagram. Team Tactics team hosted their first event on the 26th of January with Chris in attendance to share his personal experience of the impact the hand build has on the recipients lives.

When asked about the event the client said “A really powerful team exercise – building prosthetic hands for those impacted by conflict, violence, disability and accidents… It was a fantastic, we were able to listen, engage, connect and laugh. Really positive especially the impact of the event”


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