Why Should Businesses Support Charity?

In a world where staff and consumers are increasingly aware of social inequality and the impact of business activity; there is an increasing expectation on corporations to act responsibly. ­

One way for businesses to achieve this is to “give something back” by actively supporting charitable causes. This not only benefits a worthy cause but also improves public perception of the organisation. Through charitable involvement, a business can actively demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility – that it is playing a positive role ethically in wider society.

A UK survey commissioned by Foresters found that 89% thought that businesses should support their local community and 47% were more likely to buy from a company that donated money to charity.

UK attitudes to business and charity

There are many ways in which team building events can benefit your staff and your company; improving togetherness, morale and encouraging transferable skills and behaviours. However through charitable team building events, the benefits can be both wider and deeper.

Corporate involvement in charitable activity not only benefits a business’s image with the public and its customers but also with current and potential staff. According to SIA Partners 60% of U.S employees want to work for companies where the culture supports giving and volunteering. More strikingly, 86% of millennials would consider taking a pay cut to work for companies that share their values.

Furthermore, 86% of companies say that their employees expect them to provide opportunities to engage in the community.

Engagement opportunities

What is a Charity Team Building Activity?

A charity team building activity is an event where teams engage in collaborative tasks or challenges to support a charitable cause, improving teamwork skills and boosting social responsibility. Corporate charity events like this usually include volunteering your team’s time to build important equipment for those in need, or creating and donating essential items.

The Benefits of Charity Team Building Activities

There are a huge number of benefits to taking part in a charity team building activity. As well as giving back to the community and working to improve the lives of those in need, they also help your staff to develop a number of skills that can be transferred to the workplace. Here are some of the most notable benefits of charitable team building activities:

  • Supporting a good cause
  • Improves the company’s CSR credentials and reputation
  • Benefits staff morale and retention
  • Improves staff cohesion and relationships
  • Improves productivity
  • Enhances Company Culture

With the increasing awareness of their benefits, bookings at Team Tactics for charity team building events have increased by 150% from 2019 to 2022.

Charity Team Building Event Bookings

6 Top Corporate Charitable Team Building Activities

At Team Tactics, we offer a variety of fun and inspiring corporate charity team building activities which present the perfect opportunity to give back to your local community. Within our portfolio of events, there is the perfect activity for all different groups.

What charity team building event would work for your team? Here are a few ideas for activities with a charitable end goal that will inspire and reward your staff …

1. Build a Bike for Charity

CSR Team Building

Go through the gears building bikes as a team for donation to a children’s charity of your choice. This empowering event is a great way to learn new team working skills in hands-on tasks. Our Build A Bike event includes added two-wheeled fun and assembly antics with team challenges during the build to earn the necessary parts.

Team tasks at the event include:

Reuse – Attempting to make a working belt from an old tyre
All Ability – Can you guide your blindfolded teammate around an obstacle course on a tricycle?
Team Tyre Challenge – Remove & refit a tyre and inner tube in the quickest time.
Slow Race – Who can ride the slowest on a BMX?

At the end of the event all bikes will be thoroughly checked and delivered to your chosen charity.

2. Give a Helping Hand

Give a Helping Hand Charity Team Building Activity

Bring your team together with an event that will make a life-changing difference to people with a missing limb in developing countries. In groups of three or four, you will be working together to build a prosthetic hand.

This inspiring activity begins with a video featuring real recipients of the prosthetic hands previously built – showing your team just what a difference they will be making. Although the cause supported by the event is powerful, the activity is challenging and fun. Your group will strengthen their teamwork and communication skills as they work together assembling fifty pieces of high-grade metal and plastic to produce a prosthetic hand.

The cost of the event includes delivery of the hands around the world to where they are needed, together with the team of doctors and volunteers who fit the hands to each person.

3. Wheels for Walkies

Wheels for Walkies Charity Team Building Activity

Wheels for Walkies is all about lending a helping paw to our canine friends who need a little help getting around. Working together, your team will construct top-of-the range doggie wheelchairs for dogs with paralysis, injuries or age-related conditions that will help dogs in need to walk, run, play and enjoy their freedom again!

The wheelchairs you will be constructing are highly durable, lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminium with all-terrain wheels.

In your initial briefing, your group will hear all about the charity and the dogs supported by it. Working in teams, participants will take part in fun games and challenges to win the equipment they need to build the wheelchairs which are donated to dogs-in-need around the country.

Your team will strengthen their teamwork and camaraderie and leave knowing that they have helped man’s best friend to roll back the years!

4. Cooking for the Homeless

Corporate Cooking For The Homeless Charity Team Building Activity

This is a London corporate cooking event with a charitable twist. Under the expert guidance of professional chefs, you will cook up a storm together in professional kitchens.

Creating delicious food from either an Asian or European menu; you will make double portions – enjoying half of your creation with your team and with the other half distributed to local charities across London dedicated to supporting the homeless.

Sitting down after your kitchen exploits to enjoy your cooked creations with a glass of wine or beer; this is a naturally highly sociable event that is an ideal way for your team to get to know each other better whilst also helping to improve the lives of local people who need it most.

5. Build a Wendy House for Charity

Build a Wendy House Charity Team Building Activity

As the name implies, this charity team building event is where you come together as a team to plan, build and decorate a Wendy house for a children’s hospice or charity.

This rewarding experience combines creativity, camaraderie and a sense of accomplishment with the knowledge that you are making a real difference to children’s lives.

An event that can be run indoors or outdoors; all paints, materials, and protective equipment is provided. Flex your team’s creativity skills and put them to work with this accomplishing charitable team building activity.

6. The Apprentice Corporate Charity Event

Apprentice Treasure Hunt Team Building Activity

Our Apprentice-themed charity treasure hunt is a thrilling event that’s all about team spirit and giving back. Just like in the TV show, teams have to get crafty with their budget to snag the best deals on quality items. There’s no shortage of fun challenges to tackle as teams race to hotspot locations to earn points. Using a GPS app, you can keep tabs on the competition, adding an extra dose of excitement to the mix.

Partnering up with Porchlight, a charity supporting the homeless in Kent, this event is all about making a difference. Every item collected during the hunt goes straight to those in need

Our Partnered Charities

As part of our mission to offer the best selection of charity team building events in the UK, we have worked with so many fantastic charities. Here are just a few of them:

  • Porchlight – Kent’s leading homelessness charity working with thousands of individuals each year, breaking down barriers to housing, mental, and physical health.
  • Demelza House – A charity delivering personalised support to children and young people with serious or life-limiting conditions, providing their help to families and those associated.
  • Winston Wheels – A charity that provides wheelchairs for dogs with mobility issues or illness, helping them to maintain quality of life and to continue being dogs.

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When it comes to team building, we are the experts at creating powerful and impactful experiences to help bring your teams closer together. This is only amplified when you take part in one of our many charity team building events – available in London and across the UK. If you are interested in booking onto a charity activity with us, please contact our helpful team for more information.