The best team building activities offer a unique opportunity for staff to get together, have fun and improve communication and work dynamics. However, in order to get the most out of your corporate team building activity, you have the challenge of choosing the right event that will motivate and inspire your staff the most. Luckily, at Team Tactics, for over 25 years we have specialised in hosting fun team building activities that your workforce are sure to enjoy and remember. 

Innovative team building ideas and activities

Team building events need to engage people in the right way. By ditching those overdone and cliché team bonding exercises, as a company we have reinvented traditional team building methods by creating thrilling activities that are highly effective at bringing people closer together.

Help your colleagues build rapport and positive relationships by allowing them to connect in a setting outside of the office. Explore a city, collaborate with each other in exciting team building games, or work together as a group to make a difference for charity. 

The following are a selection of some of our most unique and innovative indoor events and outdoor activities for team building. This top 10 list of the best team building activities is made up of events which are all fully mobile. Whether a team event is required from Brighton up to Edinburgh, Team Tactics are able to bring it directly to you. Let’s check them out!

Can you see the Bigger Picture?

Are you artistic and fancy creating a work of art? Then The Bigger Picture is the ideal event for you. This event is perfect as an icebreaker, or as a standalone indoor team activity.

You will be given a series of challenges which will help you earn points to buy paint and materials. This creative and challenging event requires small teams to work independently to collectively recreate a work of art – or bespoke design from limited information. Communication within teams is vitally important for this activity, otherwise the piece of art you have independently created may not fit into ‘The Bigger Picture’.

Around The World in 80 Minutes

Travelling Around The World in 80 Minutes sounds impossible, but it’s not. Using our high tech app on an I-Pad you are given a series of tasks to do in different locations around the world.  It’s an exciting chance to let your imagination roam wild and learn about other countries. 

From Japan to Mexico, teams must plan their time to determine and work on each person’s strengths, gaining as many points within the time. As the clock ticks, excitement builds. This mostly tablet based team building activity has a quick set up time and provides an excellent ice breaker – a perfect addition to a team from around the globe!

It’s a Rat Trap – A ton of technical fun

It's a Rat Trap

In this game your challenge is to create a chain reaction that triggers a device and drops the weight onto a rat! 

The idea behind The Rat Trap is based around the board game ‘mouse trap’ where teams work to build a series of uniquely different contraptions to trigger the next like a set of dominoes. If the team gets the sequence right, the final piece triggers the one-ton weight which drops onto the rat! 

This is the perfect indoor team building event for unity rather than competition as teams use their ingenuity to work out what goes where and who does what.

Who Dares Wins

This fun team building exercise is a combination of two popular challenge TV shows.

You’ll be relieved to know there’s no bush-tucker trials, just an assault course filled with different themes from swamps to skiing, which you navigate while answering a series of riddles as quickly as possible to avoid time penalties. 

Who Dares Wins is an exciting corporate activity designed to test teams mental and physical skills, competing head-to-head against opposing teams – problem solving at its finest!

Ultimate Diamond Heist

With the ultimate Diamond Heist you can demonstrate your skill in more ways than one. Once the time starts, it is up to you and your team to complete as many challenges as possible in the quickest time to unlock and retrieve your team diamond!

The Diamond Heist challenges are designed to test your ability in a multitude of ways, from sporting, co-ordination, cerebral, creativity, problem solving, team communication, but mainly to remain calm under pressure as time runs out. 

The more points you gain the more chance you will have to free the prized diamond. A fast paced activity perfect for indoor or outdoor team building.

Build a Bike for Charity

Build a Bike for Charity

Make a genuine difference to the lives of others by building a bike for your chosen organisation with this charity team building activity. This is an empowering team build event that brings everybody together, creating a win-win for both staff and charities alike. 

It’s quite an achievement for teams to build a bike from scratch under the watchful eyes of our mechanical team. From completing tasks to win the bike components, through to the camaraderie of the bike build, this is a team building activity that motivates, challenges, and provides a tangible benefit at the end. After the bike is finished it becomes a legacy for your beneficiary, which we deliver and quality control.

Exterminate! Time for Robot Wars

Inspired by the original BBC Robot Wars series, Team Tactics’ Robot Wars Challenge is creative and destructive in equal measure!

Teams must build, create and customise their own robot before competing in the arena. Will your team create the best-looking robot but collapse in the pit of doom? Or will the design be built purely on warfare and destruction? Only one machine will leave the arena as Robot Wars champion.

This activity adds a real excitement to your corporate event, with all members of the team involved from start to finish as they build their machines and then pick up the controls with their robot’s fate in their hands. Will they reign supreme or be smashed to pieces? 

Guided by the technical know-how of a former UK Robot Wars Champion and competing in an authentic arena, this is an event to engage, inspire and excite.

The Spectacular HAKA


Unify your team in a spectacular high energy workshop in which you learn one of the world’s most traditional dancesThe Haka

Our authentic Māori tribespeople are one of only two groups in the UK. With permission from their Tribal Elders in New Zealand, they are allowed to use the Haka for team building corporate purposes.

Our lead instructor is from the tribe that wrote the famous “Ka Mate Haka” used by the All Blacks! Their group have attended prestigious events, including the Invictus Games working alongside Prince Harry!

Choose either a 30 minute session or a more profound 90 minute session, where participants also learn about the history and traditions behind THE HAKA.

The Hand Project

Charity Team Building

A new event for 2023, The Hand Project is the ultimate charity team building activity exclusive to Team Tactics in the UK.

Your team will work in small groups of 3 or 4 to build a prosthetic hand, this challenge is engaging and requires team working as each team member uses only one hand each to complete the build. Once built the hands are sent to a 3rd world country to be fitted to an individual that has lost a limb, the outcome of this team building event is life changing for the recipient who will regain their independence. 

This Hand Project requires excellent communication, patience and collaboration to piece together this mechanical tool, the task can be fiddly and require attention to detail but is extremely rewarding and motivating for teams to know they are giving to those in need.

Game of Zones

One of our most popular summer events, the London Game of Zones is an exciting, interactive treasure hunt based in the city of London. Teams will use our GPS iPads to navigate around 4 zones completing fun challenges along the way. 

This activity is perfect for team building in London, requiring each team member’s input and participation, to complete all the tasks before the time is up. An exceptional way to get staff out of the office, bonding with their colleagues and exploring the sights of London. 

Games will include physical, skill based and mental challenges, providing something for everyone. Our GPS treasure hunts are some of our most popular activities, they can be personalised to each event and adapted to your individual requirements. 

We have created a wide selection of mobile events throughout the UK perfect for team building and team bonding. We are experts in creating bespoke events pairing our unique and creative team building activities with conferences, dining packages and hospitality options.

Book your next team building event with Team Tactics!

This list from Team Tactics includes just 10 of the best team building activities we have to offer. We have a portfolio made up of 100’s of fun and exciting corporate events! If you are interested in learning more about what we have to offer, contact us today and we will be happy to help.


What Are Team Building Activities Good For?

Team building activities are good for fostering better communication, collaboration, and trust among team members. They can also improve problem-solving, creativity, and productivity. By participating in fun and engaging activities, team members can develop a stronger sense of unity, which can lead to a more positive work environment and better overall performance.

How Often Should Businesses Do Team Building Activities?

The frequency of team building activities depends on the specific needs and goals of the team. Ideally, they should be done on a regular basis, such as quarterly or biannually. However, it’s important to avoid overdoing it, as too many activities can reduce their effectiveness and lead to burnout.