2023 come round quickly and let’s face it the last few years have been life changing and very unpredictable. At Team Tactics we are so ready for it, so with that in mind here are the top team building activities you shouldn’t be missing out on. We have put a list below of our favourite and most popular team building events and activities !

Our Top Team Building Activities

Bright Lights Of London Treasure Hunt

GPS treasure hunts corporate team building
This inclusive and very interactive GPS Treasure Hunt is perfect to bring the team together. You will be spilt up into teams and each team is issued with an iPad mini to experience our most high-tech treasure hunt you will ever play. It takes you around some of the most amazing sites of London town. It is a unique way to experience our nations great capital as you solve the clues and complete the exciting challenges. All footage and photos taken during the event are yours to keep. They are great to share around the office the next day.

Around The World In 80 Minutes

around the world outdoor team building box 2
How would you like to travel the world in one day and best of all with no jet lag? If that was a yes, then this event is for you. Around the world in 80 minutes will really put your team through their paces as they unite in their teams to problem solve, be creative and most importantly work as a team. This game is fun and interactive it will for sure provide memories and amazing photos to look back on. Each team is given an iPad and will embark on a journey around the world answering questions and solving physical tasks.

Give a Helping Hand

The Hand Project

A powerful combination of team building and charity Give a Helping Hand – The Hand Project, is an event like no other. In groups of three or four, your group will work together to build a prosthetic hand for people in developing countries.This is an event that enables you and your team to make a real difference to peoples lives, as well as the chance to build morale, improve communication and strengthen teamwork.

London Canal Quest

canal clue quest london team building
Our London Canal Quest is the perfect summer activity to get everyone in the mood. Not only is it set outside and on the beautiful canals of London, the route will take you all the way up to Camden locks and back as you escape the hustle and bustle of the city and take part in GPS quest. Various challenges will be asked of you and each team will need to tackle them together. We also have an option in Kingston-Upon Thames which is another great location. So if you fancy getting out of the office an onto the seas (Canal) then this event is for you.

It’s a Rat Trap

Its a Rat Trap

Our It’s a Rat Trap team building event isn’t about competing against other teams but working together to achieve the optimum final result. There is an excitement and buzz in the group as they focus on each individual element to ensure it is right. One misplaced part and the whole trap might not work. This activity will help to develop your groups communication, leadership, team work and moral as every single member of your group gets involved.

The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture

Communication between teams is vitally important in this activity, otherwise the piece of art you have independently created may not fit into ‘The Bigger Picture’. One of the advantages with this team building activity is that once your masterpiece has been created it can then be taken back to your office and displayed for all to see! It’s a perfect reminder of your team building activity!

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