It's A Rat Trap

It’s A Rat Trap, takes the same principles of fun and connectivity from the board game and combines them to create a unique corporate team building event.

Our It’s a Rat Trap team building event isn’t about competing against other teams but working together to achieve the optimum final result. There is an excitement and buzz in the group as they focus on each individual element to ensure it is right. One misplaced part and the whole trap might not work. This activity will help to develop your groups communication, leadership, team work and morale as every single member of your group gets involved.

This is an adults toy shop full of giant Meccano with the objective being to build a series of huge contraptions which perform a mesmerising chain reaction. When placed in the right sequence, each device triggers the next in an ingenious way.

If the team gets the sequence right, the final piece triggers the one ton weight which drops straight onto the rat! This is the perfect team building event for unity rather than competition as teams use their ingenuity to work out what goes where and who does what.

Key facts

20-70 people
2 hours
Mobile event across the UK
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its a rat trap team building
Nostalgic Team Building

It's A Rat Trap

The end result is a representation of the teams endeavours, resourcefulness and communication.  The trick with Rat Trap is for teams to be conscious of the bigger picture, as each structure has to be built in the right way and be placed in the right position for everything to work. As the different parts slowly take shape, the room fills with excitement as everyone is braced to see the finale! This never fails to inspire and impress groups and demonstrates what is capable if team work comes first.

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Package includes

  • Full Team Tactics Event Management
  • Giant ‘Mouse Trap’ equipment
  • Enthusiastic event manager throughout the event
  • Venue sourcing if required