The Bigger Picture

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The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture is the ideal conference icebreaker. Designed to sit comfortably within your conference environment, ‘The Bigger Picture’ provides an excellent teamwork and communication forum for the entire group. Drawing on the delegates’ conceptual and spatial talents, this high quality, fun exercise requires small teams to work independently to collectively recreate a work of art – or bespoke design to your specification – from limited information. 

Communication between teams is vitally important in this activity, otherwise the piece of art you have independently created may not fit into ‘The Bigger Picture’. One of the advantages with this team building activity is that once your masterpiece has been created it can then be taken back to your office and displayed for all to see! It’s a perfect reminder of your team building activity! 

Prices for The Bigger Picture

Prices for The Bigger Picture event vary depending on event location, number of participants and venue. Please contact us for a proposal.

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The Bigger Picture 

The pictures take the form of portrait-orientated boards where each team is responsible for painting a canvas once they have completed a variety of fun team games and challenges to earn a number of paints. You can imagine therefore the networking and communication that has to take place between teams to ensure joins and colour texture are consistent to produce a finished product of the highest standard. On completion, after approximately a couple of hours, teams hand their canvases to our team who will assemble the picture in a giant frame for presentation. This can be done at any appropriate time, but, ideally during or after dinner and enhanced with confetti canons!

We will recommend the number of boards to suit the number of your guests. The greater the numbers of guests, the more boards are used and the bigger the bigger picture becomes! After completion, your picture can remain displayed in the conference room for general viewing after which you may take it back to the office where we are sure it will take pride of place as a focal point in the corporate art collection.

The teams will recreate the masterpiece in non-toxic, washable acrylic paint therefore suitable protective clothing will be provided. At the conclusion of the team building event, all the teams gather together in an attempt to assemble the individual pieces correctly within a framework – the picture is completed – quite often with hilarious results.

Package Includes

  • Pre-event client liaison
  • Co-ordination and management of the event
  • £5m public liability insurance
  • Team Tactics Event Manager
  • Team Tactics Event staff to advise Teams
  • All the artistic materials required to complete your project

2 Reviews for The Bigger Picture

National Housing Federation

This was a truly excellent event. We all had a great time and it was even better than I’d expected – we really appreciated that there were different ways for people to get involved in being creative.

Event rating 5
Ryan Charlier

The painting event was great and well received by everyone. It provided a great platform for teamwork, fun and meeting/working with people you wouldn't on a regular basis

Event rating 4.5

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