Corporate Dragon Boat Racing

Throughout the Summer in London

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Corporate Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon Boat racing is a wonderfully colourful and exciting way of getting staff out of the office, in a highly competitive, adrenalin pumping team or company activity.  Perfect for competitors for those fast and furious bursts of energy over a short distances, but also fantastic for the spectators, providing pageantry and high excitement for all.

We can offer this innovative and highly historical and ceremonial way to entertain and engage staff at various sites across Central London and just outside London. Group sizes from 30 to 2,000.

With at least two boats competing against each other over short distances, strength, endurance and skill are important, but communication, harmony and team spirit are as well. This all becomes apparent when everybody in the dragon boats are paddling to the rhythm of the drummer. With its strong visual impact, Dragon Boat Racing is a superb spectator sport.

Corporate Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon Boats are just a spectacle in themselves. The origins of Dragon boat racing came from China over 2500 years ago where villagers would come together to race against other villagers.

The Dragon Boats had majestic, ornate carvings of dragon’s head that led the way through the water in celebration. Each dragon boat has the all-important drummer to beat the rhythm, plus the workers, the paddlers. That drummer is the heartbeat of the dragon boat who co-ordinate the frequency and synchronicity of the paddlers. 

Dragon Boat racing is an ideal event for a whole company either competing as inter-department teams, or bringing different staff members from all parts of the organisation joining together to create better communication within the workplace. This event is all about team work!! It’s all about getting the paddles into the water together at the right moment to create the fastest speed. Within this very short space of time, i.e. 200 metres which literally takes minutes to complete, it’s the team working as one, plus the team with the most stamina and will to win, wins. However, it’s all about everyone working as one, to successfully navigate a straight and fast line to the winning line.

Package Includes

  • All safety kit required
  • A ‘dragon boat activity session’ and race
  • Full use of Dragon Boats throughout the session 
  • Safety briefing and instructors 
  • Event management
  • Optional extras:
  • Summer food and drinks packages

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