Crystal Team Challenge

Our flagship Crystal Team Challenge is one of our most interactive team building events. Hosted by our presenter, in teams you will compete against each other in an exhilarating mix of activities, dashing between four zones.

Teams will be tested in a fun and thrilling range of mental, skill, physical and mystery challenges that if successful teams will have the best chance of collecting the most golden tickets! Winning a challenge will yield a crystal and precious seconds of time inside the crystal dome. At this frenzied finish to the day, the top teams do battle and collect as many gold tickets as possible in our giant inflatable dome, the one with the most gold are crowned the winners.


This event is in no way associated with the Crystal Maze TV show or live experience.

Key facts

30-500 people
2-3 hours
Mobile Event Across The UK
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crystal maze team building
Outdoor Team Building Activity

Crystal Team Challenge

The Crystal Team Challenge focuses on four zones consisting of unique and exciting challenges. The aim is to retrieve as many crystals as possible in order to add time onto your allowance for the Dome Finale. The four zones will provide a hilarious mix of tasks to complete as teams.

Challenges Could Include

Aztec Zone

Pyramid of Hanoi – Rebuild a giant Aztec Pyramid, moving only one piece at a time and never stacking a large piece on top of a smaller piece. Only 127 moves, happy head scratching!!
Snake Swamp – Your team must work together to navigate through a snake infested pit without losing contact with each other, in order to retrieve the crystal being closely guarded by Colin the Cobra!

Industrial Zone 
Test Of Numbers – A great test of communication and memory, this tricky challenge requires your team to work together to memorise the location of each number and reveal them in the correct sequence. Minefield Madness – One wrong step could see the end of a team mate here as you navigate blindfolded across a treacherous minefield, guided only by the instrument noises from your fellow team members

Medieval Zone includes Labrynth and Dungeon Dilemma while the Futuristic Zone challenges teams to the Koutalaki Ski and Nuclear Arrange tasks.

The Dome Finale

The final challenge involves the iconic dome where the success of your teams four challenges will determine your time allowed in the legendary Crystal Dome. 5 seconds will be awarded for every crystal earned in the maze where teams will enjoy the hilarious team challenge.
The top three teams enter the dome and collect as many gold tokens as they can, but pick carefully as every silver token you collect will be deducted from your score!
The team with the most gold tokens after deductions will be crowned the winners!

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Package includes

  • Experienced and enthusiastic event management team
  • Well maintained and regularly updated equipment
  • Inflatable Crystal Dome (we have the biggest in the UK (group size dependant))
  • Add Costume actor for £300 plus VAT (Included free of charge to groups over 108 guests)
  • Medal ceremony
  • Fully trained first aider
  • £5 million public liability insurance
  • Full risk assessments