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Event rating 5

Drone Tech’tastic – Drone Academy

Build, Master & Race

Take your team to the next level with the Team Tactics drone academy. Since companies started testing drones as a method of delivery of goods, the world has been a buzz with the endless opportunities drones can create. The fascination with drones as a hobby has skyrocketed in recent years with the addition of professional drone competitions taking place across the globe.

This is now your chance to experience what makes drone racing so popular, with the chance to build and race drones against your colleagues. Teams will visit 5 drone zones ranging from learning how to build a drone to our interactive Flight School. Our drone experts will be on hand to teach guests the basic controls of drone handling to ensure you are ready for the daring drone race!

Teams will also have the opportunity to build their very own custom-built obstacle as part of the drone course before the main event. Teams will experience Drones flashing before their eyes whilst they stand just metres away from the action!

FPV Goggles

To make the drone challenge even more competitive we will provide teams with FPV Goggles, otherwise known as first-person view. The person controlling the drone will be blindfolded with only the use of team mates for instructions. One of the team will wear the FPV goggles to watch the very best drone racing angle from the high-quality camera at the very front of the drone.

Prices for Drone Tech'tastic - Drone Academy

Prices vary depending on the number of participants and the location of the event. Please contact us for prices and availability. 

0203 905 1750


socially distanced team building activitiesKEEPING EACH OTHER SAFE

We understand it has been difficult to plan ahead in recent times. This is why we are providing you with a COVID guarantee on all of our team building activities. This means that if you or any of the group are unable to attend due to local or national restrictions we will help you rearrange the activity to a suitable date free of charge. However, we can now look ahead to a time where teams can come back together at a safe distance by following strict Covid regulations. At Team Tactics we love bringing teams together albeit virtually over the last few months. If you are planning the team reunion or are looking to bring your team back to your offices, we are here to provide safe socially distanced team building activities.



Zone 1 – Drone Build

Here you will need to work together to identify all the loose components and assemble them to create a flight-worthy final drone. You won’t be alone, one of our trained technicians will be on site to advise and guide you, and also to ensure that everything is safe for take-off.

Zone 2 – Flight School

Our pilots will give each member of your team a full briefing before allowing you the chance to fly a practice drone around the arena. Either sighting the drone from outside the arena, or wearing flight goggles so your view is from the cockpit, the pilot will teach you tips and tricks to keep the drone in flight. Trust us, this is a lot harder than it looks!

Zone 3 – Obstacle Build

Teams will be challenged to create an obstacle for the drones to manoeuvre around or through with a huge array of equipment including poles, hoops, tubes, flags and materials. Will your team make an easy obstacle so your team can ‘fly’ through the course or will you make it harder so the whole group can struggle?

Zone 4 – Tech Tactics

This session will look at the aeronautics and science of drone flight, covering a bit of the history of drones, understanding the communications needed alongside the algorithms used to enable safe flight.

Zone 5 – Drone Race

A simple timed run around the course. But wait, the pilot can’t see the drone, the person wearing the goggles can’t touch the controls, and who put these obstacles in the way? Each person will need to fly a lap or be directing the pilot. Fastest time wins, but penalties will be added for crashing your drone.

Package Includes

  • Dissembled drone for construction per team
    Set of obstacles for construction per team
    Small or large drone racing safety arena (depending on group size, we will use multiple arenas for large groups)
  • A set of lights per team
    Signs for each station (5 stations)
    A drone expert facilitator per team
    Team Tactics event management

One Review for Drone Tech’Tastic

Amber la belle

Excellent event- frankie rob billy and Ollie were all great. Music mash up and the ankincars were also big hits. Only suggestion would be to have backup drones during the races. As we kept crashing them a few stopped working which limites our fly time. Otherwise huge thank you to frankie and rob. They made the evening great!!!

Event rating 5

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