Everyone is born with the ability to be a great leader, whether it be in a corporate setting or in their personal life. However, to be good and thrive as a leader, solid leadership skills are required. Networking, adaptability, innovation and staying calm under pressure are just a few characteristics of a good leader that can have a positive impact on the workplace.

Solid leadership skills are essential for increasing productivity, contributing to a positive work environment, and motivating the entire team. The best part of developing these skills is that you don’t necessarily have to attend workshops or training courses to boost them. Instead, you can engage in fun team-building activities in a cool environment outside of the office.

Benefits of Leadership Team-Building Activities

Taking part in team building activities can be a really effective way to boost leadership skills amongst your colleagues. When participating in these activities, your staff are given the opportunity to take on leadership roles and practise their skills in an environment outside the workplace. By working together to achieve a common goal, team members learn to communicate effectively, delegate tasks, and motivate their peers.

In addition to this, incorporating these leadership team building activities also allows  individuals to identify their strengths and weaknesses as a leader, providing opportunities for growth and development. Through constructive feedback, colleagues can gain a deeper understanding of their leadership style and learn how to adapt to different situations and team dynamics.

Engaging in these leadership activities not only fosters productivity in the workplace but also improves various aspects of participants’ personal lives, including decision-making in challenging situations. So, let’s get to it!

Our List of Fun Leadership Activities

This selection of leadership activities is not exclusive to business leaders. All employees and even large groups can benefit from such activities. By participating in our leadership and team building activities, you can gauge the communication and problem-solving abilities of your staff, as well as other great qualities in a colleague such as creativity and resilience.

Our experienced event planners can assist you in arranging a variety of leadership team building games and activities, and we’ve listed a few examples below for you to choose from.

The Crystal Team Challenge

Inspired by the iconic TV show, The Crystal Team Challenge is consistently rated as one of the best interactive leadership and team building activities we offer. This best-selling executive team building activity is truly an unforgettable experience.

In this event, you and your team will participate in a series of progressively challenging tasks and obstacles while competing against each other across four zones that will test different abilities and skills. Some of the challenges will assess communication and memory, as well as the ability to work together as a team. For example, in one of the tasks, the entire team will memorise the location of each number and reveal them in the correct sequence.

Clue Done It

Drawing on puzzles, clues, and forensic evidence, teams will work together to reconstruct the crime and ultimately determine the perpetrator. Our experts in Crime Scene Investigation will guide the teams through the skills needed to unravel the mystery, while our trainer will facilitate leadership roles to test the team’s ability to work together successfully.

It’s a Rat Trap

Reviving the board game ‘Mouse Trap’ moves away from the competitive side to the collaborative environment to achieve the best result. In groups, peers will develop their communication, teamwork, morale and leadership skills, in a team building activity where every single member of your group gets involved. The teams must work together to build and test their trap within a set time limit.

This team building activity boosts three crucial elements to being a great leader: delegation when giving tasks to each individual based on their strengths and weaknesses; effective communication to ensure everyone’s ideas are heard and considered, and problem-solving skills, as team members will need to come up with creative solutions to overcome the challenges.

Its a Rat Trap Team Building

Game of Zones

Put your team to the test with a mixture of mystery, mental and physical challenges across four different zones. All of them will have to work together when answering as many questions as possible and completing the challenges. This activity is a great way to boost decision-making skills as players will have to make quick decisions based on the information they have available.

Around the World

Travel the world in just 80 minutes in an event where every team member gets involved. Specially designed to bring together remote teams, the challenges will require participants to think outside the box with a series of activities utilising participants problem solving, innovation and creativity. The nature of this team building activity will allow participants to practise leadership skills in a fun and engaging setting, which is increasingly important in today’s work environment.

Fast & Furious

This invigorating tabletop game requires strategic planning, problem solving and communication skills. Perfect as a conference energiser, teams need to tackle the challenge to gain quicker time than their opponents. But it is not only about being fast, as small mistakes can see teams slipping down the leaderboard.

Game Set Padel

Padel and the office may seem like two unrelated environments, but the social and competitive nature of sports played in doubles requires leadership skills that can be applied to the workplace.

When playing padel, technical managers will be more focused on the technical aspects to develop during the game, together with playing the ball with determination and confidence; tactical leaders will take part in the game strategy by reading the opponent’s game and emotional leaders will carry the psychological weight of the pair, instilling encouragement to their partners to positively influence the course of the match.

The Bigger Picture

In this activity, participants have to communicate effectively with their colleagues, delegate tasks, and make decisions together to recreate a piece of art. This requires them to demonstrate leadership qualities such as clear and concise communication, collaboration, and decision-making. As such, it provides a great opportunity for your team to showcase their leadership potential by ensuring that everyone is working together towards the common goal of creating a masterpiece.

Not only that, but ‘The Bigger Picture’ also helps to develop planning and problem-solving skills as participants have to decide how to divide the canvas among team members, how to choose the right colours, and how to create a coherent final image.

The Bigger Picture

Looking to build leadership skills within your team?

At Team Tactics, we have nearly 30 years of experience as corporate team-building event specialists, and we observed that numerous leaders and executives benefit from our engaging and fun team building activities. We have helped countless leaders and executives improve their communication skills, feel more motivated, positive, and responsible, and enhance their leadership skills.

We have even more Team Building Activities to choose from. From outdoor team building with adventurous treasure hunts in London, to rewarding charitable team building activities that give back to the community, contact us today to find out more about our unforgettable team building activities and discuss your company’s requirements. We would be delighted to hear from you and help you in creating a truly incredible team building event.