Changing lives, building teams

A powerful combination of team building and charity Give a Helping Hand, is an event like no other. In groups of three or four, your group will work together to build a prosthetic hand for people in developing countries.This is an event that enables you and your team to make a real difference to peoples lives, as well as the chance to build morale, improve communication and strengthen teamwork.

This event is designed for groups between 12 to 500 people. Whilst the theme of the event is clear, it is not heavy, the activity is challenging and fun, your group will work together in a way that they won’t have done before. Participants will work in small groups of 3 to 4 people, collectively working to build a prosthetic hand, the task is challenging but with excellent communication and team work, the build will come together.

A finalist in the Best Charity Event at the Conference and Events Awards 2023.

Key facts

12-500 people
2-3 hours
Mobile event across the UK
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Give a Helping Hand
Charity Team Building

Give a Helping Hand

Each event starts with an insight into the lives that will be changed by the work that your group will be doing that day. You will see a video of REAL people and REAL stories, from the actual recipients of the hands built.

Each prosthetic hand will be fitted to someone in need in a developing country, completely free of charge, to support them in their day to day lives, the hands are fitted by medical professionals and adjusted to be comfortable and functional. The positive difference that your team building activity will make to someone’s life is hard to put into words. It means that someone can work, can support and raise their family and can do things that they didn’t believe would be possible after losing a limb.

It’s the team building event that makes a REAL difference.

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Package includes

  • 50 pieces of high-grade plastic and metal and are CE Certified as a Class 1 Medical Device to produce a finished prosthetic hand
  • Team Tactics event planning
  • All equipment and tools necessary to complete the build
  • A bag per team and pens, stencils to decorate the bag
  • Team Tactics event manager and assistants
  • Plus, gain a new perspective on what it is like for those who face challenges on a day to day basis
  • Onward delivery to various developing countries, together with the team of doctors and volunteers who fit the hands to each person
  • Public Liability insurance up to £5million