Team building is a key component to boost team collaboration and ensure your employees can work together effectively. For those working in an office, it becomes important to discover effective ways to foster strong relationships and boost team collaboration. Even though your team works together in an open office space, planning the right team-building event for your company can strengthen bonds and build strong working relationships.

If you’re thinking of planning a team building event for your team, read ahead to discover our favourite 10 team-building activities perfect for small groups ranging from 10 to 50 people.

Choosing Team Building Activities for Small Groups

When considering a team-building event, you might feel unsure which activities are the best for your small group. Whether you’re the owner of an innovative start-up or the HR manager of a smaller company, the team building activities you choose for your staff can greatly influence their success. 

Our selection of team-building activities for small groups will allow your colleagues to work together towards a common goal, engage in constructive conversations, and cultivate a strong working relationship. The advantage of having a small department or team is that it can be easy to organise such activities with minimal equipment, while larger corporations and companies require more time planning logistics to coordinate team away days.

Benefits of Office Team Building Activities for Small Groups

Wheels For Walkies Organising events for small groups will help your team in different ways:

  • Teach team members to think out of the box and develop creative skills, allowing them to become more of an innovator and leaders.
  • Increasing staff productivity and helping teammates improve their communication skills. 
  • Boosting employee morale, and creating strong team bonds. 
  • Get your team to think innovatively, improve problem-solving skills and enhance teamwork.
  • Building a stronger company culture by creating a fun and safe environment for them to express their thoughts and ideas.
  • Your team will feel recharged and refreshed.

Besides this, organising a team building activity for small groups can be played with a small number of participants and with little equipment. 

10 Team Building Activities for Small Groups

Corporate Cooking The following activities for small groups are designed to ensure everyone’s participation, boosting communication and interpersonal working relationships. Each of these activities has specific outcomes, so before planning your event for your group, identify what would you like to achieve. Are you looking to improve team communication, build stronger relationships or just interested in having a great fun and engaging time?

Graffiti Workshop

graffiti workshop london team building activity This team-building activity offers a creative and engaging experience as your team will collaborate on a shared artistic project. ARTrageous Graffiti will allow participants to self-expression in an informal and relaxed environment different to the office constraints.  The workshop will also provide an opportunity for team members to get to know each other in a fun and creative way.

Game of Zones

Game of Zones Game of Zones presents the perfect opportunity for colleagues to engage in this exciting treasure hunt around London. Perfect as a summer event, it combines GPS technology with discovering four zones in London: The Futuristic Zone, the Ocean Zone, the Medieval Zone and the Industrial Zone. 

Game of Zones includes the following features:

  • A 3-4 hour activity led by our enthusiastic event management team
  • Opportunity to discover iconic London landmarks
  • Fun and interactive challenges that guarantee an unforgettable experience.

We’ll provide an iPad per team with an interactive map, live scoreboard and inter-team live messaging so teams can message their opponents. Plan now this exciting experience when exploring team-building ideas for small groups in the outdoors!

Robot Wars

Robot Wars Inspired by the original BBC Robot Wars series, Team Tactics Robot Wars Challenge is the perfect blend of creativity and destruction. Perfect for a half-day corporate activity, in small groups, teams have to create, customise and name their very own robot before competing in three different battles. Only one machine will emerge victorious as the Robot Wars champion. Led by a former UK Robot Wars Champion, this event includes all required robot construction and customisation and controls for creating your destructive machine.

Around the World in 80 Minutes

Around the World in 80 Minutes 1 Our revamped edition of our beloved Around The World in 80 Minutes is here, and it comes with a twist! This interactive game elevates team building to a whole new level. Perfect for hybrid and remote startups, gather your entire department in this exciting indoor treasure hunt style activity. Our event management team will make sure to facilitate active interaction and participation from all attendees, increasing collaboration and customised challenges tailored for your small group.

London Canal Quest

Canal Clue Quest A one-of-a-kind treasure hunt, London Canal Quest offers the opportunity to discover central London from a unique perspective. Perfect for smaller groups between 10 and 50 people, Paddington is the ideal location for your team as they will cruise past highlights like Little Venice, Regents Park and the London Zoo. Each team will be given a full safety briefing and one of our trusted skippers will show a short demo before leaving you safe on the water.  

This treasure hunt is all about cracking clues, completing challenges, and earning points. Make sure your team gets back to the boat basin on time, or you’ll be penalised!

Fast And Furious

Fast and Furious Team Building (6) Confronted with an assortment of model components, in the Fast & Furious Challenge, teams must kick into high gear to swiftly assemble a variety of ‘snap-together’ concept cars within a tight timeframe. In this thrilling tabletop game, teams aim to outpace their opponents in assembling the cars quickly. 

The second stage involves disassembling and rebuilding the cars with precision. This time, teams must ensure that several component parts are assembled accurately to complete the assembly line. Will your team thrive under pressure?

Sushi Masterclass

Sushi Making Workshop Our Sushi & Oriental cookery classes seamlessly blend the challenging dynamics of a team-building event with the fun elements of an evening entertainment activity.

This sushi masterclass is an excellent option for fostering strong interaction among both newly formed and existing teams. They’re perfect to get your small team out of their comfort zone by trying other cuisines and achieving a sense of accomplishment. From California Rolls and Temaki, our Sushi Making Masterclass lasts around 1 – 2 hours and will begin with a brief introduction to the world of sushi.

The Olympic Challenge

The Olympic Challenge Engaging in physical activities offers an excellent way to foster connections during small group team-building events. In The Olympic Challenge, hosted at the Olympic park in Stratford London, teams will use iPads and our specifically designed game to complete a selection of interactive challenges across 5 zones answering as many questions as possible. The goal is to gain points and climb the live leaderboard.

This outdoor team-building activity will boost your group’s mood and well-being by exploring the home to The London Stadium, the London Aquatics Centre and Tennis Centre.

The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture The Bigger Picture is an indoor team-building activity perfect as a conference icebreaker. Participants will have to work independently to collectively recreate a work of art, working in small teams on a small canvas that once combined with those done by other teams then forms ‘the bigger picture’. Communication becomes vital as teams will have to complete a variety of fun games to earn a number of paints and ensure the joins, colours and textures are consistent across all canvases. 

Once the masterpiece is completed (often with hilarious results), it can be taken back to your office and displayed for all to see!

The Hand Project – Give a Helping Hand

Sopra Steria The Hand Project 30 The Hand Project is the ultimate charity team-building event. In groups of three or four, participants will work together to build prosthetic hands for people in developing countries. A finalist in the Best Charity Event at the Conference and Events Awards 2023, this activity will enable your team to make a real difference in people’s lives. Enjoyable and purposeful, Give a Helping Hand will leave your team with a sense of fulfilment and gratification.

Plan your Next Office Team Building Activity with Team Tactics

Our selection of team-building activities for small groups is designed to boost engagement and morale in a fresh and different way. Sometimes, they even push colleagues beyond their comfort zones, having your entire team involved with activities that actually make a difference.

With almost 30 years of experience as corporate team-building event specialists, we’re sure these ideas are bound to add a refreshing twist to your team dynamics. Our portfolio is full of incredible team-building events and games to choose from. For more ideas, check out our Outdoor Team Building Events and our 16 Unique & Exciting Team Away Day Ideas to Inspire Your Staff.

Get in touch with us and book your next unusual team-building event today.

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