While some pen-and-paper games, 2 truths and a lie and other traditional activities can work as ice-breakers, adding unique team building activities brings something new and exciting to the workplace. Trying a less familiar activity might put some out of their comfort zone, but this can also reveal hidden skills and talents amongst your colleagues. 

Unusual team building activities are becoming increasingly popular among companies of all sizes. Traditional team building activities can lose their edge when repeated too often and cause boredom among your colleagues. Adding more creative and unique events can help break the monotony throughout the year and keep things interesting for employees.

Out-Of-The-Box Team Building Activities

Bringing fresh ideas and excitement to the workplace with some out-of-the-box team building events will inject a burst of energy and a sense of fun among your staff. Giving a go at something a bit different to quizzes or board games will show something more stimulating than the same old activities. These are generally fun and will make your employees think outside the box by keeping them engaged as well as fostering collaboration and innovation. 

So, here are our 10 unusual team building activities your team will undoubtedly love!

Unusual Team Building Activities & Games For Work

These unusual team building activities are perfect for corporate events or team away days. We included different exciting options such as Treasure Hunts, Graffiti, and Circus Skills workshops that will cater to both on-site and remote teams. Here are some of our top out-of-the-box team building ideas.

Pub Pit-stop Challenge

Pub Pit Stop Challenge

Enjoy a well-earned drink with your colleagues with fun challenges and questions thrown into the mix in our  Pub Pit-Stop Challenge. This activity blends the elements of a traditional corporate treasure hunt and a pub crawl in London. Armed with an iPad Mini, participants will have to navigate through the different challenges and questions along the way while exploring the City over a drink (or two) along the way.

Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon Boat Racing

Escape the indoor spaces and dive into our action-packed and highly competitive ‘Dragon Boat Racing’. Perfect for those fast and furious bursts of energy over short distances, teams will have the chance to take part in a number of head-to-head races against their colleagues during the afternoon. 

Ideal for competing as interdepartmental teams, this full-of-banter and laughter boat race will ask for strength and endurance as participants will have to coordinate the frequency and synchronicity of the paddlers following the drummer in each of the boats.

Give a Helping Hand – The Hand Project

Give a Helping Hand

Transform lives with our Give a Helping Hand -The Hand Project, a charity event unlike any other. Split into groups of three or four, your team will work together to build a prosthetic hand for people in developing countries. This team building activity will make a real difference in people’s lives, while also fostering teamwork, morale, and improving communication. A challenging and rewarding activity where your group will work together in ways they haven’t done before.

Office Wellbeing and Yoga

Office Wellbeing Workshops 11

Protect your team from the damaging effects of stress with our Office Wellbeing Workshops. Yoga can be a mindful and enjoyable experience for groups of any size. This activity can be conducted in the office or an alternative location, our yoga workshop will improve job satisfaction and physical and mental wellbeing. With each session lasting around an hour, guests will leave the room equipped with a range of useful techniques that empower them to face the next day with more energy and less tension.

Corporate Cooking

Corporate Cooking

Challenge your minds (and appetites) with this unique team building experience. Whilst a cooking class may not seem that unusual, it’s a fantastic opportunity to entertain your team. Set up in a relaxed setting, our cookery workshops are suitable for everyone, from complete novices to those with more experience.

If you’re looking for corporate social responsibility activities, join our Cooking For The Homeless cookery event where each member of the team will donate a portion of the food they prepare to a local charity for the homeless.

The Dragon’s Apprentice

the dragons apprentice team building activity 4

Inspired by two of your favourite business reality programmes, we’ve crafted our very own team-oriented version. Ideal for creative groups or sales teams, ‘The Dragon’s Apprentice’ is great for those keen on improving their communication, presentation, and problem-solving skills. Working together in groups, teams will have to come up with an alternative use of weird household objects. Each team will have 30 minutes to work on their presentation to try and sell their item with a new use.

ARTrageous Graffiti

A person making a graffiti on a wall as part of a team building activity

Get into the Hip Hop culture and learn where  street art originated, exploring its iconic figures with the ARTrageous Graffiti workshop. Perfect for a summer team building activity, you’ll be guided through the fundamentals of graffiti art, learning tips and techniques to create your very own expressive and funky piece. Don’t fret if you’re new to this, that’s where the fun really begins!

Ice Carving

Ice Carving

Unleash your team’s artistic flair with the coolest of all the activities listed here – ice carving! Let your team explore their craft skills and create their own ice sculptures. A creative team building activity, this event can be held at a location of your choice, our team brings all ice and equipment to your space. A master craftsman will teach the group the delicate art of ice sculpting which will promise a sense of fulfilment, even if it means braving a bit of chill on your fingertips!

The Thriller Experience

The Thriller Experience

Transform your guests from delegates to zombies in minutes! Our beloved and terrific Thriller Experience will take your team through their ‘zombie’ paces as they learn all of the moves to the Thriller dance taught by an experienced choreographer. Our creative Costume Designer and Makeup Artists will transform your group into the walking dead, together with all the dramatic makeup to complete a jaw-dropping Thriller experience. 

No dancing experience is required to take part in this unforgettable event which has become one of our most iconic team building experiences.

Circus Skills Workshop

Circus Skills Workshop Try things you never imagined and venture into the unexpected with the unforgettable Circus Skills Workshop. Your team will develop different skills that can be applied in both personal and business lives. From juggling, tight wire walking to mastering the diabolo, they will improve their balance, rhythm and coordination and precision, to name a few.

Plan Your Next Unusual Team Building Activity

Opposite to traditional team building games, our selection of unique and unusual team building activities is designed to boost engagement and uplift morale in a fresh and different way. Sometimes, they even push colleagues beyond their comfort zones, having the entire group involved with activities that actually make a difference.

With almost 30 years of experience as corporate team building event specialists, we’re sure these ideas are bound to add a refreshing twist to your team dynamics. Our portfolio is full of incredible and unique team building activities to choose from. For more ideas, check out our Top 10 Best Team Building Activities your team will genuinely enjoy. Get in touch with us and book your next out-of-the-box team building event today.

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