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Google is without doubt one of the most well-known technology firms on the planet. With an estimated revenue of 66 billion dollars (2014) it might not beat Apple in terms of revenue but it is certainly one of most recognised household names. Google jobs are also in demand as people are inspired by what the company has achieved in the last 18 years but also because of the truly unique work culture. There are now over 57,000 thousand people employed by Google across 40 countries so it is not surprising that Google has to consider how to motivate their staff.

There are many ways that Google maintains a motivating work experience throughout its entire company:

  1. 1. Flexibility:

Staff are allowed to dedicate 20% of his or her time to focus on a project of their choice. This gives staff the freedom to experiment and work flexibly. Creativity can be explored and more new ideas formed while working on a project tailored to the employees specialities. A more structured approach to an employees workload can often lead to a lack of inspiration and a less stimulating workplace.

Motivating staff google offices

  1. 2. Free Perks:

Google aims to put in the same amount of time into keeping employees happy as it does to research into its products. There are several perks available at Google that most companies do not offer including things such as free haircuts, gym memberships, shuttles to and from work. New parents also get extra time off and extra spending money to help them welcome their new addition to the family. Google will also reimburse any classes or degree programmes that help them with their job!

  1. 3. Health and happiness:

Google enjoys making the life of its employees easier and better. They say its all about removing barriers so that ‘Googlers’ can focus on the things they love both inside and outside of work. They do not stop searching for ways to improve the health and happiness for their employees including the addition of on-site physicians and nurses, convenient medical services and comprehensive health care coverage to help keep staff healthy and happy.

  1. 4. 150 Feet from Food Rule:
  2. How google motivate staff free food

When you walk into Googles offices there is a big emphasis on food. In fact there is a rule that wherever ‘Googlers’ go they don’t have to go far to access food less than 150 feet for Google’s East Coast HQ. Free food is an excellent way to motivate their staff whether it be in one of their micro-kitchens or cafeteria it is a convenient prospect for all employees. Linking back to the healthiness of employees, the healthier options are clearly visible with non healthy foods are hidden behind opaque glasses and jars with nutritional labels to avoid over consumption.

The emphasis on employee satisfaction has been a priority since day one where the main goal was to make Google a place where the most talented people wanted to work. The idea was and is simple, creating a work culture that keeps employees happy will motivate them to do their best and will keep them loyal to the company. You might not be able to completely re-engineer your perk and incentive infrastructure at work but a simple and effective way to motivate staff is through various staff days out.

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