Bear Grylls Survival Academy

Team Tactics is now offering you and your team the chance to take part in the ultimate challenge in the great outdoors to see if you have what it takes to become a survivor. Our instructors will guide you through your paces in survival mode in this truly unique team building experience.

Teamwork and leadership are just some skills your team can develop as you take part in the ultimate team build experience.

Bear Grylls has proven his knowledge and capabilities in the harshest environments in the world and is arguably one of the most recognised faces in survival and outdoor adventure. So what better way to experience the ultimate team building experience than a programme inspired by Bear’s extreme adventures?

Each programme can be personalised to fit your team’s specific requirements to create the perfect experience, including activities such as axe throwing, improvised stretcher races and tug of war.

Key Facts

30 - 100 people
2-3 hours
Mobile Event Across The UK
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Active Team Building

Bear Grylls Survival Academy

Our outdoor team building events foster the central dynamics of team performance, such as communication, development, motivation, leadership, trust and integrity. The dynamics can be subtly integrated or used as a specific platform to draw out natural talents to create high-performing teams. However, the most crucial element, which is always the backbone of any team building event, is fun! It’s the core ingredient to any successful experience, especially with modern-day teams of mixed age, gender and ability.

Bear Grylls is a former 21 SAS soldier who became one of the youngest ever climbers of Mt Everest. Bear has gone on to host more extreme adventure TV shows across more global networks than anyone else. He is a man accustomed to pushing his body to extreme limits and, while doing so, has shown us how to survive and thrive in almost every one of the harshest deserts, mountains, jungles and swamps on our planet. With all the expertise of the team behind Bear, you can be confident that we will create the perfect experience for any occasion.

All sessions include an introduction, safety briefing, running order before a situational awareness session, camouflage & concealment, and a gross eat challenge!

Teams will experience either four activities during a half-day event or six in a full-day Bear Grylls Experience.

Activities can include: “Stranded” Scenario, Air Rifle/Pistol Shooting, Axe or Spear Throwing, Survival Archery, Tug of War and more.

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Package includes

  • All equipment required to carry out all tasks
  • Highly trained survival experts
  • Basic skills training including: Safety briefing and outline, situational awareness session, camouflage & concealment and a gross eat challenge
  • 4 activities for half a day
  • 6 activities for a full day
  • Fully managed event