8 Competitive Team Building Activities & Games

Competitive team building activities and games are a great way to improve team relationships through competition. The main reason to engage in these activities and games is not only to know each other better, but to improve on communication, boost team morale and practice problem-solving skills.

In this blog post, we’ve put together some of our favourite and competitive team building games and activities that are both exciting and insightful.

How Healthy Competition Helps Improve your Team

Healthy competition plays a big role in promoting a collaborative work environment. Let’s have a look at how healthy competition can help improve your team:

  • Improved communication: Employees must communicate effectively in order to achieve their goals during team building events involving healthy competition. This helps to strengthen communication skills, not only in the assignment itself, but also in understanding how to apply them in the workplace.
  • Enhanced employee engagement: Healthy competition has a tremendous influence on employee engagement because it increases interest, excitement, and investment in their job. Employees who participate in team building activities that include friendly competition are more likely to feel linked to their coworkers and the organisation. This sense of belonging may result in a more engaged workforce that is proud of their achievements and eager to contribute to the company’s success.
  • High morale and job satisfaction: A sense of achievement from winning a challenge or contributing to a team’s success can have a substantial impact on employee morale and work satisfaction. Participating in team building activities that encourage healthy competition may help create a more good work environment, even after the event, and they are more memorable.
  • Enhanced innovation: A competitive environment promotes innovation, since employees are constantly pushing themselves to come up with new ideas. Enhancing innovation and growth can be accomplished by encouraging healthy competition among employees.
  • Improved collaboration: With proper structure, competition can foster improved employees’ collaboration and learn from each other. By participating in team building activities, employees can uncover their strengths and weaknesses, as well as complement each other’s skills.
  • Promotes learning: Employees learn from one another when there is a genuine and healthy competition. Instead of seeing the next person as a competitor, they see them as a resource. This will help them improve their abilities, learn new things, and find new hobbies.

8 Competitive Team Building Activities & Games Your Team Will Enjoy

Watts Sustainable

Watts sustainable is a highly competitive team building activity where team building meets environmental impact. Teams compete against the time and head-to-head against other teams to be crowned the best ‘Eco Warriors’ in the business.

Participants work with reused and recycled items, as well as good sourced materials such as FSC-certified wood and sugar can plastic from renewable plant-based materials. While also highlighting important environmental issues, watts sustainable is a fun and engaging activity that will improve the team’s communication, problem-solving, dexterity and creativity.

Around the World in 80 Minutes

Around the World in 80 Minutes will put your teams to the test as they collaborate on a team-building challenge that requires cooperation, problem-solving skills, and creativity.

This exciting and highly competitive challenges offer remarkable encounters, with enjoyable activities that result in lasting memories, images, and films. It’s the ideal method to excite your staff, whether as a solo event or as an energiser at a conference. Around The World in 80 Minutes has several venues, and is mobile around the UK!

The Olympic Challenge

The Olympic challenge is the perfect team activity to warm up for this year’s Olympics taking place in Paris this summer. 

Teams will use iPads, complete with our specially designed interactive app based challenge. The app boasts an interactive map, live scoreboard and an inter messaging service to create the perfect competitive Olympic Challenge. 

Travel across the 5 zones answering as many questions as possible and complete the exciting challenges to gain points and climb the live leaderboard!


Padel is a sport that is somewhere between tennis and squash, played in pairs on tennis courts with glass enclosures using tennis balls and solid paddles. Game-Set-Padel, on the other hand, is a fun and competitive game designed for teams of 16 to 100 people. 

The game allows for learning, practising and competing, making sure everyone gets involved. The social and competitive nature of this game is an excellent way to encourage communication, cohesion and collaboration within groups to improve team bonding and working.

Fast & Furious Challenge

Very similar to the Lego building challenge, the ‘Fast & Furious’ Challenge is ideal as a short conference energiser. Perfect to inject a bit of energy into the team. This is a fun and competitive activity designed to focus on a collaborative goal but with the element of competition to reach the top of the leaderboard.

In record time, teams must assemble a range of ‘snap-together’ concept cars from a jumble of model components. Your team’s communication and planning skills will be tested in this exhilarating table-top game.

Build a Bike for Charity

The Build A Bike For Charity provides participants with a competitive opportunity to experience team building while also boosting your social responsibility within the community by making a true impact in people’s lives.

It is a proven way to improve your team’s communication and team corporation, with lots of laughter along the way. Teams will compete in a variety of amusing team tasks, including our favourite ‘Slow Race,’ in which team members must go against their instincts to become the group’s slowest BMX rider. In addition to donating the final product, this team building event has the potential to leave a lasting legacy by supporting community wellness.

Wild Wipeout

Wild Wipeout is a fun and high competitive game that is perfect for learning more about management, communication and delegation. 

Based on the smash-hit TV series Total Wipeout, teams must battle it out to win side-splitting games and events. Think giant pyramids, inflatable obstacle courses, tons of foam, and of course, the iconic big red balls.

Put your teams together, choose some clever team names, and get ready for a competitive Team Building exercise!

It’s A Rap Trap

It’s a Rat Trap gives teams the opportunity to compete against other teams by working together to achieve the optimum final result.  

The objective is to build a series of huge contraptions which perform a captivating chain reaction. When placed in the right sequence, each device triggers the next in a clever way. If the team gets the sequence right, the final piece triggers the one ton weight, which drops straight onto the rat! 

This activity will help to develop your group’s communication, leadership, teamwork and morale as every single member of your group gets involved.


In conclusion, it’s important to know that collaboration takes a leap forward when you introduce competitive team games into the mix. These games not only ignite a sense of healthy competition among team members but also give a much-needed boost to their morale. The best part? You can choose to play these thrilling competitions indoors or soak up the sun outdoors!

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