Having a happy and cohesive team is key to boosting productivity and success at work.

Engaging in fun and physical team building activities brings lots of benefits that can contribute to a thriving workplace. Physical activities are known stress-busters, promoting well-being and creating a more relaxed and focused team. Enjoying activities that prioritise both fun and physical well-being will result in a healthier, and happier workforce.

Playing some fun team-building games with your team can do wonders. These activities not only build trust but also bring your colleagues together to achieve different goals in an informal setting with friendly competition.

Benefits of Physical Team Building Activities in the Workplace

Incorporating these fun and physical team building activities in team away days will boost morale and motivation among employees. Facing physical challenges together will create a bond of trust between colleagues as they’ll have to encounter different obstacles and work together to overcome these hurdles. Physical activities provide a healthy outlet for stress, promoting mental well-being and a more positive work environment

Check out these awesome 11 physical team-building ideas below. They’re not just fun—they’ll inspire, motivate, and bring some positive vibes to the workplace. Plus, who knows, they might even give everyone a little fitness boost!

11 Fun and Physical Team Building Activities to Inject Energy Into Your Team

The Crystal Challenge

11 Fun and Physical Team Building Activities

Imagine diving into a series of interactive challenges and brain-teasers that not only get the team’s gears turning but also require some hands-on action. Our flagship Crystal Team Challenge will test your teams’ agility and physical skills under time constraints across four zones. 

Your team will be facing off in a variety of tasks that demand teamwork, strategy, and a bit of friendly competition. From puzzles to physical challenges set in the Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic zones, this activity keeps things dynamic and entertaining.

Multi-Activity Days

11 Fun and Physical Team Building Activities

Picture this – your team diving into a mix of exciting activities from 4×4 driving, quad bikes, pilots, hovercrafts, argo cats and others such as archery, clay pigeon shooting, and challenging mental tasks. 

Designed to promote leadership with an emphasis on fun and thrills, the multi-activity days are tailored to suit various budgets, locations and activities.  A rollercoaster of experiences designed to encourage teamwork and unleash your team’s competitive spirit. Whether it’s an afternoon of 4×4 driving, power turns, or quad bike safari, your team will get ready to break a sweat!

Wild Wipeout

Wild Wipeout

Leave your team buzzing through exciting obstacle courses that challenge both your agility and endurance. Based on the smash-hit TV series, Wild Wipeout introduces a competitive edge to the mix with different games such as the Sweeper Arm, the Obstacle Course, Big Red Balls and Punch Walls. Your team will be engaged in friendly rivalries, racing against the clock or each other. From scaling walls to overcoming slippery surfaces, Wild Wipeout caters to all fitness levels.

Be prepared though, as you’ll all be feeling exhausted at the end of the day!

It’s a Knockout

It's a knockout challenge the winning team

Brace yourselves for an adrenaline-packed day full of fast-paced, physically engaging and thrilling games. From inflatable obstacle courses to interactive team challenges, your team will find themselves jumping, dodging, and racing through wacky relay races. Your team will need to rely on each other’s strengths to navigate each of the obstacles and win the bottle of Champers and the trophy. 

Using some of the actual equipment from the BBC show, teams will compete with colourful costumes, props and, of course, plenty of bubbles!

Lord of the Swords

Lord Of The Swords

Get ready for an epic journey into the world of stage combat. This activity combines the excitement of theatrical swordplay with the physical demands of combat training. A theatrical fun team building activity where your team will dive into the art of stage combat, learning choreographed sword techniques and maneuvers. The physical aspect comes into play as they practise these moves, improving coordination and agility. 

Time to wield those swords and unleash your inner warrior to give your group the genuine ‘battlefield’ feel. Teams will bring their own flair to the choreography which will make it visually engaging and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Game, Set, Padel

game set padel

Padel is a fast-paced racquet sport that combines tennis and squash. Perfect for players of all skill levels, the game allows teams to quickly get into the action. Often played in pairs, players will need to coordinate their moves and support each other as they engage in lively matches that keep everyone on their toes. Padel involves dynamic movements, quick sprints and strategic positioning, making it great for boosting fitness between team members.

Treasure Hunts

Treasure Hunt Team Building Experience 2

Treasure Hunts are all about embarking on an adventure and exploring the world around us. Teams not only will have to solve clues and puzzles but also actively explore the surroundings. It´s a thinking-on-your-feet kind of adventure where participants can leisurely stroll around beautiful and historical towns. 
At Team Tactics, we offer a wide variety of themed treasure hunts from Bright Lights of London, the Royal Quest, Pub Pit Stop Challenge, and also fully bespoke GPS Scavenger Hunts.


School Sports Day

School Sports Day Showdown

Bring back the nostalgic fun and classic sports day vibes in this team building activity which engages in a range of traditional sports day activities: from sack races to three-legged races and tug-of-war, our take on the School Sports Day is perfect for summer days. The friendly competition adds an element of excitement without the pressure. 

Join us today in this perfect blend of competition, and nostalgic charm, and relieve the joy of school sports day.

Circus Skills

Circus Skills Workshop

In Circus Skills, your team will have the opportunity to practise a variety of circus skills. Whether tossing juggling balls or balancing objects, participants will actively use their body and coordination skills when attempting any acrobatic feats. Beyond the physical demands, the Circus Skills Workshop encourages creative expression and brings your team together without the competition. 

A fun and physical team building workshop. Each team member can bring their unique flair, making it a personalised experience. All of it in a lively and lighthearted atmosphere where laughter is almost guaranteed!

Bollywood Dancing

Bollywood Dancing

Bollywood dancing is known for its vibrant and energetic movements. Get your team to learn and engage in lively dance routines from professional Bollywood dancers. The rhythmic and expressive nature of Bollywood dancing will guarantee a fantastic cardio workout and ensure your team not only has a great time but also gets their hearts pumping. Ideal as a conference energiser, this fun and physical team building activity will offer a cultural immersion to celebrate Indian culture.

Dragon Boat Racing

11 Fun and Physical Team Building

Dragon boat racing involves paddling in unison to propel the boat forward. The excitement of racing against other teams creates a lively and competitive atmosphere. Paddling is a fantastic full-body workout, engaging the upper body and core muscles as the team works together to navigate the boat through the river. Success relies on precise teamwork and coordination as participants must synchronise their paddling strokes to maximise the boat’s speed.

Boost Your Team’s Fitness with Our Fun and Physical Team Building Activities

At Team Tactics, we have nearly 30 years of experience as corporate team-building event specialists. If you’re looking for something different for your team that goes beyond icebreakers and quizzes, look no further. From exciting outdoor adventures to lively dance sessions, leave your team motivated, refreshed and ready to conquer challenges together. 

Your team’s next adventure awaits. Bring thrill and excitement to your team and explore our Team Building Events. Plan your next fun and physical team building experience today – get in touch with our expert team for more information!