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Event rating 5

Around The World in 80 Minutes

Who’d have thought it? In the age of modern travel we have reached 2021 and are unable to explore different countries! However we have a solution where you can travel to all four corners of the globe without a visa or negative covid test in sight.

Join us on a ‘virtual’ journey around the world in 80 minutes! Welcome on board a virtual team building event like no other. Our well-travelled host will be transporting your team to different continents with the aim of the game to earn as many air miles as possible!


Prices for Virtual Around The World in 80 Minutes

Around The World prices depend on the number of participants, please contact us for a bespoke quote.

(Please note prices are per person and exclude VAT.)  



Around The World in 80 Minutes

Teams will need to gather as many different types of currencies as possible to ensure they are ready for their trip and earn extra air miles! There will be plenty of surprises along the way with a number of team encounters in different countries. Think world traditions, international facts, hilarious team photos, famous faces & mind boggling travel riddles.

Together we will travel through four continents around the world. Teams will discover and explore different areas of Europe, Asia, Australasia & North and South America. During the journey there will be opportunities for teams to win air miles and bonus points to become the champions and stand proudly on top of the world.

Europe Challenge Examples

Currency Exchange: We will show teams a number of different currencies which are no longer in circulation, it is then up to them to work out as a team which currency is which!
Landmark Challenge: Time to get off of your seats and go and grab different objects from around your house to construct a famous landmark. The more creative you are the more air miles you will receive.
Tailor The Paper: Think outside the box for this one! It is your turn to create a suit out of newspaper or anything suitable in your house.

Package Includes

  • Virtual Team Building Activity for groups of up to 400
  • 80 minutes of fun & interactive challenges without leaving your home
  • Team Tactics Presenter to present the whole event
  • A recording of the event can be sent over post event
  • Team photo taken during the activity can be sent over post event


6 Reviews for Around The World in 80 Minutes

Bertie Stephens

All the team got involved. It was friendly competition without being too serious. Everyone had fun, and everyone was able to find different areas they could excel at. The team really enjoyed it.

Thank you Courtney, Shelby & team for delivering a really fun experience. We had some fantastic feedback from the team afterwards, and it’s exactly what we were after. A really good mix of questions and activities.

Event rating 5
Maria Chmura

Activity was very fun and received a lot of positive feedback from my colleagues. We laughed a lot and all got really involved in the activities which were interesting and the element of competition kept everyone engaged. Thank you and great job!

Event rating 5
Helen Millard

Really interactive games and tasks, activities well organized, lots of team building and a really enjoyable atmosphere. Our client was really impressed with the activity, and the host Courtney was fantastic at getting everyone involved.

Event rating 5
Julie Wilkes

What did you enjoy most about the activity & why?

The variety of quiz questions kept it interesting. The challenges were fun to do, and seeing what other people came up with!

Event rating 5

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