Seal The Deal - Virtual Team Building

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Seal The Deal – Virtual Team Building 

22 Sealed Virtual Boxes, Only One Box Up For Grabs. Will your team top the inter-company leaderboard? 

BRAND NEW. With many of you facing a long stint of self-isolation, working from home needs to be as engaging as possible! At Team Tactics it is our aim to bring teams together on a daily basis and this does not change when your teams are forced to work from home.

seal the deal virtual team building

Introducing our brand new virtual team building game SEAL THE DEAL. Teams will join us for a fun and interactive team challenge based on the popular TV show Deal or No Deal with plenty of surprises along the way! Working from home has never been so fun!

The game will follow a similar format to the nostalgic game but with added energisers to keep the whole group engaged. These include hilarious party games such as pictionary using the virtual zoom whiteboard, 5 second rule games & Who Am I? rounds.

  • Boost Morale
  • Increase Productivity 
  • Combat Loneliness 

All guests must have access to a laptop/computer with a built in camera and microphone along with a reasonable strength of internet to join! Stay tuned for some light-hearted fun taking part in your very own home!

Prices for Seal The Deal - Virtual Team Building

Seal The Deal virtual team building activity costs £15pp based on a minimum of 10 participants.

(Please note prices are per person and exclude VAT.)  


Seal The Deal – Virtual Team Building

Guests will join the game via a Zoom conference call link. There are 22 players (if you have a lower number we will provide each participant with more than one box), each of whom holds one of 22 digital sealed boxes, each containing a different amount of money, ranging from 1p to £250,000. One contestant is chosen to play the game and he or she opens the other 21 boxes by choosing one at a time. We will have five rounds and at the end of each all participants will take part in a fun competitive online activity. The activities can include the below:


Each participant will be given the chance to show off their creative skills as you draw (using the virtual whiteboard) a number of completely random objects.

Who Am I?

A random member of the group will be privately messaged a famous person/fictional character for example Barack Obama. It is then up to the rest of the group to one by one ask the participant a question about this person using yes or no answers until the name is revealed!  

5 Second Rule

 Our host will make their way around each team member giving them 5 seconds to complete a fast paced challenge. For example name me three orange things you can eat…..

The event will conclude with an exciting finale where the final box will be revealed! Your team prize fund will be added to the inter company leaderboard so keep your eyes peeled for daily leaderboard updates!

Package Includes

  • Seal The Deal Virtual Team Building Activity Ideal for 10 – 22 people.  
  • 1 hour fun & interactive challenge without leaving your home
  • Team Tactics Presenter to present the whole event
  • A recording of the event can be sent over post event
  • Team photo taken during the activity can be sent over post event

8 Reviews for Seal The Deal – Virtual Team Building

Sarah Evans

Thank you so so much for this last night! I loved it and the team said how much they loved it in our whatsapp group last night. You were honestly amazing!

I’ll definitely be singing your praises if anyone else needs something to do 😊

Event rating 5
Peter Redman

An enjoyable event – more of the same.

I was chosen to play although I had never even see the programme, I really enjoyed it… it was nice interacting with everyone and the games were fun. Team Tactics did a good job as usual.

I really enjoyed the event. Was a good activity to see everyone and have fun for a couple of hours.

It was a great idea brilliantly executed. Courtney did a great job on keeping the energy and interest levels up.

It was fun to be a part of the event yesterday. It was very well organized and was energizing! The music in between, activates was good! For a moment, I didn’t feel it was a virtual session, I felt it was a live team event. Very well organized!

Event rating 5
Lauren Creer

Thank you Team Tactics for creating an interactive and engaging way to keep in touch with colleagues during this difficult time. ”Seal The Deal” is a fun way to stay connected and gave everyone a real moral boost.

Event rating 5
Lovita Woods

Superb! Both groups really enjoyed it. 🙂 Can’t wait to do the next one.

Event rating 5
Hannah Phipps

A huge thank you to the team at Team Tactics for helping us with our WFH team building activity. We needed something that would bring the team together to make them feel less isolated. Seal The Deal was perfect for this. The team had so much fun and allowed them to forget about the current situation for a little while!
Thanks again!

Event rating 5
Emer Friel

Courtney, thank you so much (and the banker!). We had such a lovely time and it was great to forget about reality for a little bit and have a laugh. The team really enjoyed it and you were great!

Event rating 5
Bertie Stephens

Thankyou for a fantastic time during the Seal The Deal activity. I thought the host was excellent and kept everyone involved very well – brilliant enthusiasm and ability to handle the virtual conditions. I really liked the pre-prepared questions and games that were interjected throughout, that helped bring everyone together. It was great to spend some time ‘virtually’ with my team away from the usual work meetings. I will be recommending this activity to other teams!

Event rating 5
Dean Jennings

Great way to bring the team together during these trying times. Good fun from start to finish and very well presented. Looking forward to being able to do it again sometime!

Event rating 5

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