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Struggling to choose? We can help you find your perfect event!

Virtual Team Building Activities

At Team Tactics we have been uniting teams for over 25 years with 100’s of different types of exclusive team building activities.

The situation we find ourselves in today hasn’t stopped us!

We have adapted many of our award winning events to be suitable for online team events for remote teams. We have also developed an exciting selection of unique virtual team building activities ideal for all group sizes.

We love bringing teams together and with today’s modern technology this has made it a lot easier for us! Virtual team building has the power to connect remote teams and bring them together to unite and network.

It can be tough working from home with a ton of different distractions as you stare out of the window waiting for the weekend to arrive! However we have made sure that working from home has never been so fun! Our range of events are specially designed with team building in mind but with the main aim of escaping the daily routine as you work remotely for a an hour of an hour and a half of team fun!

Why Choose Virtual Team Building?

Many of our fun virtual team building activities are packed full with interactive virtual team energisers in order to keep the whole group engaged throughout. With the zero travel expenditure and the element of ease of use, virtual team games are a highly cost effective way to draw your team together to improve morale and combat loneliness. We will help your teams grow a tighter bond than ever before!

It is more important than ever to build a strong remote team. A virtual team building event is perfect for bringing people together and also has the added benefit of bringing your new joiners together to meet the team. We understand how difficult it can be to integrate into a new team virtually. Our virtual team building activities are a great way to network with the new team and to get to know them that little bit more which would otherwise be impossible in today’s current situation.

Socially Distancing Team Building

The guidelines for different types and styles of events are being updated constantly, so at Team Tactics we are always monitoring the latest government advice regarding the Covid-19 response.

However we are now ready to come back together at a safe distance for those of you who feel a little nervous about returning to day to day life. At Team Tactics we love bringing teams together albeit virtually over the last year. If you are planning the team reunion or are looking to bring your team back to your offices, we are here to provide safe socially distanced team building activities. Get in touch today to find out more about our Covid safe events!


This will depend on the event you have chosen, for example the cooking event will require the purchase of a shopping list of items. Whereas our Seal The Deal & Who’s Got It events require just pen and paper. Be rest assured that we will notify you before each event to let you know what you require.

Our remote team games range from half an hour to 2 hours. However we can be flexible depending on your schedule for the day and when is best to fit us in around your meetings. We recommend that an hour is the optimum time for full engagement during a virtual event.

We can currently run events for a maximum of 500 participants at any one time through the use of our Zoom premium account and the use of breakout rooms. Our excellent team of virtual team building facilitators will ensure optimum engagement from all of those participating no matter how many of you there are!

We can run an event for small groups of 4 and over but we do ask for a minimum payment of 10. We find smaller virtual events offer the same level of interaction and work perfectly.

We have a varied range of events on offer which are suitable for all abilities. We pride ourselves on creating a fun and friendly atmosphere during events and no one is put under pressure to do anything they don’t want to. Our most physical events are our Haka and Power Hour events but these are still suitable for all abilities and can be adapted with your requirements when needed.

We aim to boost morale, increase productivity & improve the remote teams communication skills. We understand it can be difficult during these unpredictable times so we are here to provide fun, interactive and highly engaging virtual games for remote teams. Our virtual events are also ideal for new starters. We love integrating new team members into the group in a friendly and unpressured way. We also understand how difficult it can be spending so much time at home, our events are perfect to escape from the pressures for an hour and to take your mind off of things!

We have been running lots of events for companies which have offices based around the world. Virtual events provide a great way for these different teams to get to know each other and interact in a way that used to be impossible without extensive travel costs. Some virtual teams can feel isolated so it is a great way to bring them all together in a fun team building activity. For remote teams our events offer the chance to connect with their colleagues on a personal level outside of the usual work chat. The perfect escape from these difficult times!

We recommend you provide the winner of the event with a nice reward such as a digital gift card they can use to purchase something online. In the past we have had winning teams but also we have introduced a ‘star player’ for our Seal The Deal event which has become a great way to make the event even more competitive. At the end of our competitive virtual team building events we will always announce the leaderboard to see who has come first with lots of cheering to follow! We will then always send you the leaderboard after the event so that you can arrange for the prizes to be sent to the relevant team. We find a prize adds an extra competitive element to our remote team building events however they are equally as enjoyable without a prize!

Our events usually last around one hour which is perfect to fit around any schedule in between meetings and other conference calls. We operate our events 7 days a week and can run events in the evenings. Our most popular days for these events are Thursdays & Fridays so make sure you book your slot in advance if you would like one of these days! As our virtual team building events are suitable for international clients we can accommodate different time zones. We will always be here and ready to run your event for you no matter where you are based!

The prices for our remote team activities vary depending on the chosen activity, the size of your group and the date chosen. Our prices start from a very reasonable price at just £25pp (plus VAT). Contact us today for a bespoke price.